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Nov 18, 2009 08:02 AM

Festive Food Treats

Hello already salivating at the thought of all those usually forbidden foods I can tuck into over xmas as I plan my shopping list. Looking for some great fellow hound recs which I can buy from the usual high street/supermarket places....

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  1. Now then, if you ever saw me in person, you'd realise that for this little fat bloke there are no forbidden foods. But if you want to give me a clue about what's usually forbidden for you, I'll have a think.

    Leaving aside the bog standard festive food, I cannot get through Christmas without a decent pork pie and a bag of cashew nuts to nibble on. Often together. A simple pleasure, innit.

    (PS: I also lay in plenty of supplies of Gavascon. Surprise, surprise, I hear you whisper)

    1. I see you are in London? Anything in Harvey Nix is my instant reaction. It's astonishing what they've got there, if you haven't been. If I ever go bankrupt then that's the way I want to go!

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        Hi there John....well am talking about the usual calorie-packed treats like cakes, mince pies, pork pies, dips, crisps, nibbles etc....all the usual stuff that we are told to avoid. And things like belgian chocolates, liquours etc....
        so re the cashews i confess to a craving for honey coated ones....though i do like the salt and pepper ones too. Do you have any specific requests?
        I am in london robin but I will be in wales over the holidays so will be doing most of my shopping there so am limited to the usual supermarkets etc....if lucky i will maybe make it to waitrose in cheshire!

        1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

          I'm a great fan of farmers markets and, also, the Country Markets (which used to be the Women's Institute markets before it went all commercial and they let blokes in). They tend to be particularly good for baking and, whilst I make my own mince pies, I love a good chunk of rich fruit cake - Christmas cake without the icing, if you will. I've not been but I understand the Conwy/Llandudno farmers one is pretty good if you're going to be home when it's next on. It's at the bird reserve just off the Conwy roundabout.

          Ah, but if you're coming to Cheshire to shop, you gotta get the festive cheese from the Cheese Shop in Chester. Good bit of Bourne's Cheshire, certainly some Snowdonia Bomber (good cheddar type).

          What about a nosy round the shop at the Rhug estate at Corwen?

          1. re: Harters

            wow - Rhug estate looks great. Thanks for the tip

            1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

              Let me know what it's like. I've had it on my list to visit for ages but havnt got there yet. I had some of their stuff a couple of years back (at either the Chester food fair or Conwy Feast) - tasty meat!