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Nov 18, 2009 08:01 AM

Can't find Dinkel Acker in New Jersey anymore

For the last several months I have been trying to find Dinkel Acker here in Central and North New Jersey. It used to be pretty common, but nobody carries it anymore. I have been told that there is no longer a distributor of it, but they couldn't tell me if this is just in New Jersey, just the East coast, etc.

Has anyone in the Northeast seen it being sold recently, or has any knowledge of what the distribution issue is?

Thanks very much.


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  1. The last importer of Dinkelacker in the US was:

    Spaten North America
    4621 Little Neck Prkwy
    Little Neck, NY 11362
    Phone: (718) 281-1912

    1. There is another poster, Jesskidden, who usually has the inside scoop on who distributes what, and where you can get it. Hopefully he will see your post and has something to offer along those lines.

      Until then, I'd suggest that you try to find something stylistically similar to the Dinkel Acker that you enjoy. It's a North German Pilsner, particularly bitter and dry with good noble hop aroma- we can get two excellent locally brewed examples of the style that compare quite favorably to the DA ( they're even better, imo) in Victory Prima Pils and Sly Fox Pikeland Pils. They also have the benefit of being most likely fresher samples. If you did a side-by-side you'd probably find them to have a smidge more residual malt and hop aroma, but they're definitely near the bullseye of what you're looking for, and hey, you might even like them better. Worth a shot...

      ETA: speak of the devil... ;)

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      1. re: TongoRad

        Thank you JessKidden, I will contact Spaten North America tomorrow to see what the situation is with this beer.

        Thank you as well TongoRad. Dinkel Acker has been our traditional holiday beer for over 20 years, so its going to be a bit strange not seeing the familiar green bottle on Christmas Eve along with our bratwurst and kartoffel salat. However, I love the taste as well, and appreciate your suggestions for somethng similar. I'm not familiar with either beer you mentioned, but I am going to try and locate them.


        1. re: dinkel fan

          In that case I hope you can find it, Paul. Post back with what you find out from Spaten N. A. and if you need places to check in Rockland County, if it's available in NY, maybe I can point you in the right direction.

          1. re: dinkel fan

            You may have to settle for some Bitburger instead. Not a bad substitute imo.

            1. re: LStaff

              Here is the response I got from Spaten NA today.

              "Dear Paul,

              Dinkelacker has been discontinued in the US.

              We all wish we could have kept this beer in distribution.


              Tony SNA"

              So I guess that's really the end of it, damn shame. I stopped at another liquor store last night, they were out, and the only thing he could suggest is try every place around and see if there's some lying around. Guess that's what I'll do. I'll also try to find the beers you suggested TR, thanks again.

              Thanks LStaff, never had Bitburger, I'll give that a go as well.


              1. re: dinkel fan

                Wow, that's the end of an era. I cut my teeth on Dinkel Acker back in '82, and always liked it. If I'd only have known I would have had a goodbye glass or four.

                Bitburger is a good choice, as is Jever on the Import front- so keep your eyes out for that one as well. Jever is prone to being light struck, though, so get it from a sealed case if possible. Sly Fox cans their beer, so light is not even an issue with that one.

                Here's hoping you find something to start a new holiday tradition.

                1. re: dinkel fan

                  Supposedly, Tarzana Wine and Spirits ( has it in stock. Definitely will be more expensive with shipping, but maybe it's worth it to you.

                  1. re: joshekg

                    Thanks joshekg, even though they sell beer and wine, their shipping form only details wine, so I have an email into them to see if they do ship beer, and more importantly, if they still have some Dinkel Acker in stock. Thanks for your help.


                    1. re: dinkel fan

                      Well, while it's, of course, up to you what you drink and I realize that folks often choose a beer for a number of different reasons besides simply "taste" - in this case, tradition and nostalgia are also playing a big role - BUT the thought of buying stale beer (as that unhelpful NJ liquor store employee put it "some lying around") AND paying for shipping it across the country (which can often double the total cost) just seems ridiculous to me.

                      A beer like Dinkelacker (I take it you're looking for their "CD Pils") should ideally be consumed within several months of bottling. Sadly, that's often not possible with German imports in much of the country (in NJ, close to the docks and with a big import buying populace, we tend to have it better than more distant states). Throw in the fact that it's bottled in green glass and very susceptible to becoming "light-struck" (aka "skunked"), those bottles still "laying around" are not the finest product of the brewer's art.

                      While I'm impressed with Spaten NA replying quickly to your e-mail inquiry, a bit more information like the date of the final shipments would have been nice (tho' finding the beer won't necessarily mean it's from that batch, of course). If it was more than a year ago, I wouldn't bother to even consider looking for any- and I would only purchased sealed cases, even if it's fresher than that.

                      TongoRad gave you some great advice on locally (PA) made German-style pils. While the Sly Fox Pikeland Pils isn't as well stocked in NJ (the cans are off-putting to some), your local "good beer" store should be able to order you a case. The Victory Prima Pils is a bit more common. Both are also date coded- so finding fresh samples is made much easier. I saw it's time to start a NEW Holiday tradition.

                      PS- Had to laugh at that retailer store's website . They've simply stolen their "Beer History" page from a brewery's website -

                      They don't think it's odd that a Tarzana California store's history of beer would think that 1987's highlight was "- 1987 - Sister and brother team Janet and Peter Egelston open the Northampton Brewery in Northampton, Massachusetts" and all of the craft beer history of the last 30 years (much of it occurring in California) concerns only three related firms in New England?

                      1. re: JessKidden

                        JessKidden, you raise some very good points. And you're right, tradition and nostalgia are what's been driving me to find any (most likely old, stale or skunked) Dinkel Acker just so I can say I found it and can have it on Christmas Eve. Taste has taken a back seat in this pursuit and it shouldn't. I haven't heard back from Tarzana but was thinking the same thing last night. It would be really horrible to track it down, and pay probably quite a bit to ship from CA to NJ, only to find that it tastes like crap. That would be worse than not getting it at all.

                        So I am going to track down TongoRad's choices and see how they taste.



          2. Yes, I too was on a quest to find Dinkelacker in Pa. It was a great seller in my area. I`ve been drinking Dinkelacker for 33 years. It was my Main Bier. I was such a fan that I have my bar adorned with all kinds of taps,signs,mugs and glasses of Dinkelacker. After I couldn`t find it in Pa.,I started traveling to New Jersey and found one distributor with it.
            I made my way back to Pa with 25 cases. I`m now down to my last three cases. Checked back with distrbutor and was tolded all gone, not to be carried any more. It is a VERY SAD DAY for me. I was consumed with a love for the bitter taste,a Joy to drink. The closest I`ve found to compare to Dinke is Spaten. One Day i hope to travel to Germany to indulge again. What a CRIME !

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            1. re: HerrDinkel

              I just want to let all know that I was also a fan of Dinkel Acker for a long time and was also sad to see it being discontinued. I have now found another beer that is very close to it and it is sold at ALDI Stores, not sure if you have them in your area. the beer is called Wernesgruner Pilsner Beer, it is only sold at ALDI, so there is no point searching for it anywhere else, very good beer, try it out, I am willing to bet you will like it, if you liked Dinkel Acker.

            2. In case you still (in 2011) haven't figured it out, Spaten abandoned whatever market there was for Dinkel Acker just a few months before your November post.. Apparently people loved it a lot, but not a lot (or at least enough) people loved Dinkel Acker to justify importation. Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger. Hell, my favorite Austrian brewery (Adambrau) and New Zealand brewery (Leopard) went out of business. At least you can still visit (or look forward to visiting) a country where your fave is still available.

              1. ITS BAAAA AACK

                yep just got off the phone with importer!

                DO not know when you can get some but it is now being produced again, in germany , (becks is such a taste disaster).

                Start calling around! I am going to torment a few local stores right after I post this.


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                1. re: sparkie

                  Just to clarify, Dinkel Acker never ceased being produced, it was just not being brought to the US.

                  1. re: Alan Henderson

                    Yes, I knew that, I emailed Spaten when it stopped being imported. iI know they still make it, I just returned from Germany and saw it every..

                    Thanks for the update


                    1. re: burrseth

                      Acording to the importer Dinkle Acker made many beers except the pils. (I am nt in germany so I can't vouch that). They bought back the rights and it is now in keg form only. In maybe a year they will have the bottling line for non returnable smaller, (12ounce), bottles. SO sad, they should just shipped larger bottles, we would not complain! They also pasturerise it before shipping. All this must be installed before bottle float across the ocean. :-(

                      So close and yet so one by me will have it in their restaurants for a while.....

                      The beirmiester giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other. But there is hope eternal!!!!