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Nov 18, 2009 07:25 AM

Have you ever burned a pot so bad.....?

For those of you who have ever burned a pot so bad you had to throw it away, here's a great trick!

Last night I made cheese soup. Or should I say, I burned cheese soup. (I know, I know, I should never turn my back on boiling milk) The bottom of my enameled cast iron pot was so black and crusty, I thought for sure I'd have to throw it away. I tried boiling water, boiling water with dish soap. lemon & salt, scrubbing, scraping. Finally I did a google search. I found this solution and it worked. I took some baking soda (thick layer covering the bottom, a few tbsp of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, a couple drops of dish soap (dawn), and just enough water to make the water about 2 inches deep. I put in on the stove to boil. It foams like crazy, so I did have to turn down the heat and scoop some of the excess off. I left it alone for about 10 min and started scraping. I added some more baking soda & boiled for another 10 min. I was finally able to get the last bits off and was amazed the bottom was completely clean.

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  1. oh, I wish I'd seen this post a few days ago...I just threw away a pot! (look of shame)

    1. I've used oven cleaner.

      1. I've burned a pot so bad the steel melted through the cooking grates on the range. The contents were long gone.

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          Holy crap! There's got to be a good story there. Please tell.

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            my thing is burning boiled eggs (always forget they are on) so yes burned a hole in a pan. The smell took weeks to get rid off and there were bits of flown egg all over the kitchen.

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              Well... sometimes in restaurants they'll leave a stock on overnight, and well... if the closing manager doesn't bring it to a slow simmer, but instead keeps it jacked up, the pot runs dry, the contents burn and finally the dry heat is too much for the aluminum and it melts. Fortunately, at this point, the molten metal extinguishes the flame.

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              I did the same thing. I was married for just a few months and had an electric range in our apartment. The recipe said to sprinkle salt in the pan and then heat the pan until the salt started jumping. Nothing much was happening and then I looked over at the pan to see if the salt was finally jumping and instead saw the glowing red outline of the burner coils below it. Like an idiot, I grabbed the handle of the pan (it was cool enough to hold) and pulled the pan off the burner, leaving the melted outline of the coils on the burner and the pan with a giant hole in the bottom.

            3. Baking soda and elbow-grease can work miracles!

              1. I burned a cast iron enameled pot by turning on the wrong burner....underneath that pot, empty.

                The enamel was irreparably damaged.