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Nov 18, 2009 07:09 AM


Chowhounds! I am from Denver but need ideas for a business dinner I am hosting in ABQ on a Friday evening for 13 people. I want it to be nice however I am also trying to stay under $20.00 p.p. exclusive of alcohol if possible. I am open to all types of cuisine so long as it has a broad appeal. Willing to travel to all areas of ABQ but not too far outside of town. Thanks for your ideas!!!

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  1. Are you looking for a place with a private room? Do you need any kind of audio/visual aids? Is this just a dinner that is happens to be for business clients? Is $20 the price of an entree; the entire meal; the entire meal with tax and tip?? A bit more info will help narrow down suggestions.


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      Dear DebitNM
      The dinner is really just a "meet and greet" kind of thing so no audio/ visual aids needed. We could do a private dining room but it is not necessary. My company has me on a tight budget so $20 p.p., excluding alcohol, with tax and tip would be great but if need be I can spend a little more. I want the experience to be as enjoyable for the small group (between 10 and 13) as I can manage. Ambiance is a factor but the restaurant doesn't need to be formal so much as inviting.

      fyfas - thanks for the suggestion of Pappadeauxs - I'll keep it in mind!

    2. Pappadeaux is just north of the center-city area on the west frontage road to Interstate 25. All categories of food are available but there is an emphasis on seafood and cajun/creole flavors.

      Place is large and they DO get busy in primetime That said, service and management is very competent; they are accustomed to having small groups and business groups.

      There is a separate space just off the main dining room perfect for your group size. There is another room just past the bar area that would be equally private but it could seat 30+.

      Pappadeaux is a chain of about 35 restaurants. The link below will take you to their website where you can get a sense of the atmosphere and look over the menus.

      Portions are generous and prices therefore will be near $20 per but likely a little higher. Possibly you can control the per person cost by arranging several choices only for your group to choose among when making reservations, arrangements.

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        Okay, in a flurry I booked Scalo as both its location and menu seemed convenient for our group. While it likely will be more $$ than I intended, I'll just have to order lightly to offset the big spenders! :-) Looking forward to it as posters seem to be pleased overall with the food, service and ambiance. Thanks everyone for your help!

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          Scalo's has really good food, a nice vibe and you should be pleased. I don't think you are going to make it at $20 with tax and tip. We were just at a function there 2 weeks ago, they do have a private room upstairs. I would try and prearrange menu so as to try and keep cost down. We were served: salad, pasta dish, bread and dessert tray. It worked, don't know what the cost was. It was done buffet style.

          Time before that, we ate in the balcony area and there was a table of 12 next to us - similar to what you are doing. I think they had a few things to pick from, they did not order off the menu. I really would call ahead.


      2. I'm not sure if you have already had the event or not, but I would reccomend St. Clair Winery & Bistro on Rio Grande BLVD. The atmosphere is great, and you should be able to stay within your budget, while still feeling like you are indulging.