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Nov 18, 2009 07:01 AM

Suggestions for B & B replacement?

I am a fan of drinking B & B on the rocks but am looking to expand my horizons. Any suggestions for a drink that shares some similarities but would help me branch out?

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  1. I'd look at stuff that still uses benedictine but other brown spirits. As someone who is a fan of B&B, the first two drinks that came to mind are:
    Vieux Carre:

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      great drinks, you might also try Belle de Brillet pear cognac, Lillet Blanc, or possibly Bols Genever

    2. Try checking out other herbal liqueurs like yellow Chartreuse. Try mixing that with a nice rum or a rum agricole. Or check out different italian amari like rammazotti or averna. These play well with bourbon or rye. The sky's the limit with booze.

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        Thank you so much for the suggestions! I have some drinking to do :-)

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          Thanks for this tip. I'd never thought of mixing amaro with anything outside of a proper cocktail--and most of the time I just sip it straight. But after reading this last night, I poured myself a glass of Ramazzotti and Cruzan Single Barrel, 60:40 or so. In a word: delicious! The rum really compliments the amaro, and the combination is of course a bit lighter and less syrupy. Definitely something I'll be playing around with more in the coming weeks.

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            Based on this suggestion, I mixed up equal proportions (1.5 oz) of Yellow Chartreuse and Rhum St. James Ambre, a spirit that's been perplexing for me to mix with, and found the combo to work really well. A little on the sweet side, but so is a B&B. I added a few dashes of homemade sasparilla bitters, but I think anything would work - ango, orange, peychaud's, you name it. Or, maybe even better, Bitterman's Mole!

          2. Vieux Carré is great, also the Monte Carlo and the Derby, which are (if memory serves) rye and Benedictine / bourbon and Benedictine, respectively (and maybe some bitters in certain variations).

            1. I am a big fan of Benedictine as well. (OH noes! I am out)

              If you are like me, you may also enjoy the Italian liqueur "Tuaca"
              It is sweet with vanilla and citrus notes.

              I think I will try it with rye whiskey and bitters tonight. That sounds like a good drink...

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                I had a Manhattan made with with Rye and a touch of Tuaca several years ago that was excellent. The Tuaca gave it some deep notes of Vanilla. I've also had a Manhattan with a dash of B&B replacing the bitters that was very good. Well worth trying.

              2. I like a Leonardo, basically equal parts brandy and sweet vermouth, half as much Benedictine, lemon, and bitters. It's a bit sweet, but that's how I roll :-)