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Nov 18, 2009 06:59 AM

Is there such a thing as "quality" ready-to-eat naan bread for home?

I've sampled the various PC frozen varieties, with pleasant but lackluster results.

Got a great batch of lamb korma cooking at home, looking for that extra touch of warm naan to go with it.

Has anyone come across a reliable source for decent bake-at-home naan bread (or dough?)


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  1. Check the freezer section of the South Asian grocery store in your area. The "Deep" brand out of New Jersey is usually decent. They should have frozen naans and the like.

    1. Not Naan but at Ghandi's Roti on Queen St. just east of Bathurst on the north side of Queen you may be happy with their product. They sell the Roti dough. I bought it when I made home made curry once and was delighted the way it turned out. What's even more fun is that you make it in a frying pan and it puffs up nicely. I can't remember how much it was but each dough ball made two nice size pieces. Best of Luck.

      1. The only way to make a proper tandoori naan-like bread is with a home-tandoor oven. If you really have to have real, fresh authentic naan local restaurants are the main option since they have the clay ovens .
        If not, just do what most South Asians do - buy a pre-made "naan", which is nowhere near as good as fresh naan, but is a passable substitute. Your best bet would be to check out Iqbal Foods beside the Iqbal Kebab restaurant. Their variety of breads, rotis, naans, parathas etc is the most I have seen in any Indo-Pak grocery store in the GTA. They sell Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Persian, South Indian, Sri Lankan, and even Malaysian versions of all the aforementioned bread products. It's worth a look-see.

        Iqbal Kebab
        2 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON M4H, CA

        1. you said you tried the frozen pc varietys but what about the "memories of" ones you get in the bread section of your local no frills or roblaws store, i have tried these before and found them to be quite decent, just warm them up a bit in the oven and there you go.

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