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Nov 18, 2009 06:33 AM

ISO Pomegranate Molasses in Cambridge

I know I can probably pick this up in Watertown but I don't think I will have time to go in that direction after work today. Anybody know where I can get pomegranate molasses in Cambridge?

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  1. I'm pretty sure Formaggio carries it.

    1. I've seen it at Savenor's on Kirkland Street.

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      1. re: kitsune

        Thanks to both of you. I called Formaggio and they have it. That's going to be easiest for me after work. But thanks for even saying Savenor's. I always forget about the one in Cambridge.

      2. Christina's in Inman has pomegranate syrup and preserves (and new, later hours - 9 pm!)

        1. Christina's in Inman, and Al Hoda market, also in Inman (Prospect between Hampshire and Cambridge). Both will be cheaper than Formaggio's or Savenor's.

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          1. re: bella_sarda

            I'm loving these replies. Christina's may work even better because I'm going to New Deal Fish so I'll be on that side of Cambridge anyway. According to formaggio's website a 10oz bottle was $5.95. I'm all for cheaper!

          2. It's really easy to make it yourself...and better, i think.

            boil six cups of bottled pomegranate juice (you can get it at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, you don't have to get the expensive refrigerator kind, or you can squeeze fresh poms if you are really ambitious), 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup lemon juice until reduced to two cups. Keeps refrigerated for a long time.