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ISO Pomegranate Molasses in Cambridge

I know I can probably pick this up in Watertown but I don't think I will have time to go in that direction after work today. Anybody know where I can get pomegranate molasses in Cambridge?

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  1. I'm pretty sure Formaggio carries it.

    1. I've seen it at Savenor's on Kirkland Street.

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        Thanks to both of you. I called Formaggio and they have it. That's going to be easiest for me after work. But thanks for even saying Savenor's. I always forget about the one in Cambridge.

      2. Christina's in Inman has pomegranate syrup and preserves (and new, later hours - 9 pm!)

        1. Christina's in Inman, and Al Hoda market, also in Inman (Prospect between Hampshire and Cambridge). Both will be cheaper than Formaggio's or Savenor's.

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            I'm loving these replies. Christina's may work even better because I'm going to New Deal Fish so I'll be on that side of Cambridge anyway. According to formaggio's website a 10oz bottle was $5.95. I'm all for cheaper!

          2. It's really easy to make it yourself...and better, i think.

            boil six cups of bottled pomegranate juice (you can get it at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, you don't have to get the expensive refrigerator kind, or you can squeeze fresh poms if you are really ambitious), 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup lemon juice until reduced to two cups. Keeps refrigerated for a long time.

            1. It really depends what you want to use it for. I'm not sure what "ISO" stands for, which may give the game away.
              However, for middle eastern cooking, which uses 'pomegranate molasses', European produced equivalents just don't cut the mustard. They tend to be rather sickly and weak and I get the impression that far fewer pomegranates were used to produce the same volume.
              I love Formaggio cheeses, and don't know about their other stuff, but I'm afraid that Watertown is probably your best bet for the real thing.


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                Thanks everyone! I ended up getting the pomegranate molasses (a.k.a. concentrated pomegranate juice) at Christina's for $5.05/10oz. Not much cheaper than Formaggio but I needed to stock up on spices for the holiday baking season so it ended up working out. The label on the bottle just said concentrated pomegranate juice and it was made in Lebanon.

                I was making this: http://beyondsalmon.blogspot.com/2005...

                It came out awesome. Oh and trueblu, ISO stands for "In search of."

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                  Sounds like it's too late, but next time you need pomegranate molasses, I agree with Trueblu that your best bet is to go to Arax or one of the other Armenian stores in Watertown.

              2. For the future, I've even found it at Whole Foods (in Bedford). I assume their stock is pretty similar from store to store.

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                  Also for future reference, I just today found pomegranate molasses for a mere $2 at the Somerville Market Basket. They seem to stock it infrequently, but I haven't found it that cheaply anywhere else. Brand is Chtoura Garden, in case that helps.

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                    Where is it in the store? That seems about as cheap as making it yourself...

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                      It's in the "ethnic foods" aisle. There's a small section of Middle Eastern foods, and it's on the top shelf next to the orange blossom water.

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                        Wow---that is awesome news. Now if I could just find a parking space in that lot.

                2. Whole Foods and Wilson Farms both carry it.