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HotDog-Opolis Boca Raton

HotDogOpolis is a Chicago style hot dog stand that recently opened in Boca on North Federal Highway. I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at HDO the past two days. On Monday, I had a char cheddar Polish with grilled onions on a steamed poppy seed bun with fresh hand cut fries. It was to die for! Yesterday I noshed on a char cheddar burger with grilled onions. OMG! Their menu is all Vienna Beef from Chicago and they use Merkt's cheddar cheese from Wisconsin on their burgers, dogs, and fries.I plan to have a char grilled salami sandwich with grilled onions on a pretzel roll for my next visit. Their menu includes corned beef, pastrami. soup, and chili. My dream has finally come true, the Chicago north shore has finally invaded Boca.

6020 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raron, FL 33432
M-Sat 10:30am-7:00pm

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  1. This is very, very good news. Where exactly on North Federal?

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      googled it and it's north of Spanish River Blvd and north of Jeffrey St between Hastings and Ipswich on the east side

      plan to give it a try tomorrow

    2. Ok, So I couldnt resist, and stopped by for a dog and a polish sausage w/ Grilled onions. I can say I was not too impressed. I think Hot dog heaven down in Ft lauderdale is MUCH better. The Polish sausage I got was this grey looking tube of meat that didnt have much flavor. I took my dog with Chili and onions. Chili wasn't too bad, though I suspect it was out of a can... and the dog was ok. Dont think I will be running back any time soon... they do have a grilled Salami sandwich like I get at Hot Dog Heaven, maybe I will give it a second chance since it is relatively new.

      I will say the staff was very friendly, and polite. but that oly goes soo far...

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        We checked this place out today for lunch. My first ever jumbo Chicago style dog was pretty darned good. Loaded Chicago style Vienna beef jumbo with tomato, mustard, onion, neon green relish, celery salt, dill pickle, and what they call sport peppers on a poppy seed bun. A combo of jumbo dog and fresh cut fries was $4.70, a pretty good deal. Add to that a selection of Boylan sodas and it was a good lunch since I work fairly close by.


      2. The Dogs are awesome, Vienna Beef hot dogs Chitown style with sport peppers, Hot Dog!
        Don't miss out gotta taste one and you are addicted. Don't forget the Celery Salt, yea baby.

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          I've only been twice and on my last visit, the fryer oil was in dire need of changing. The fries had a used, burnt oil taste to them. Come on people, you can't overlook something so basic as changing your fryer oil regularly.

        2. This a great Chicago style dog even though I can't compare to an original since I have never had one anywhere else. A lot of my co-workers go here regularly. It seems their business has picked up quite a bit now that word has gotten out.

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            I went back, and am now addicted to their griled Salami sandwich, they serve it on a pretzel roll, with some grilled onions, and spicy mustard. My mouth is watering just talking about it.

          2. There's a new Boynton Beach location I just learned from another post. And a Gainesville location to open spring of 2011.

            412 E Ocean Ave.
            Boynton Beach, Florida 33435

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              Huby and i tried out boca location last weekend. i have to say i didnt LOVE it, but it was the most decent florida version of a chicago dog i have had. not ny shake shack worthy comparison but almost there. I think we will have to try hot dog heaven next and report back.

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                The Boynton location is now half HotDog-Opolis and half Jamaican Jerk casual restaurant.


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                  i noticed that too, strange combonation, boca is still all american

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                    That's funny I was just going to post about this. I went up there yesterday to get a hot dog and wound up getting jerk chicken and curried goat. It's really strange. My guess is the location already had some built in hot dog traffic. So they'd rather make you a hot dog and take your money rather then send you away.

                    The Jamaican food I got was ok. It kind of reminds of Nates that used to be in delray. The meats were tasty and flavorful though lots of bones in the goat. The sides were just ok with the rice being really dry. Overall verdict is I'd go back but I'm certainly not in a rush toget back.

                2. HDO Boca was very busy for lunch today. On the blackboard menu were the following additions of wild game sausages, none of which we tried on this visit:

                  lamb with tzaziki sauce
                  wild boar with cranberries
                  duck with orange something or other

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                    Hey freaker,

                    I so far have tried the lamb....very good make sure ask for the tsatsiki(sp?) with it, they put it on the side and dont give it to you is you dont ask. The Venison-wasnt to crazy about, and the elk was really good.The buffalo i could pass on...next trip is the rabbit and boar.. I'll let you know how those are also.

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                      On a slightly-related note, "Spicy Ginger" next door is now open, in the old Rib Out-Of-Bizz location.


                    2. Speaking of hot dogs... I heard a rumor the dogs are pretty darn good at Burger Fi, of all places.

                      Anyone have details?


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                        The dogs at BurgerFI are pretty good - if you're interested in trying, this beer pairing is a pretty good time to do so since you'll get 5 menu items and beers for $15. Plus I'll be there!


                      2. HDO today for lunch. The business seems to be doing well from what I have seen over the years. The chili is actually pretty good and I never pass up the Chicago dog, although they left off my sport peppers.

                        I don't see any Vienna hot dags for sale in packages but they do have the buns and some Vienna sausage in bulk. They also have the bright green relish, sport peppers, and the gardinera in jars.

                        1. After driving by hundreds of times, I finally stopped here for lunch on Friday.

                          Counter service was prompt, and my two dogs (a regular and a Kobe) were excellent - meaty, juicy and loaded with flavor.

                          Unfortunately, however, I'm not sure if I will be back.

                          Like many folks, taking lunch out for me is a chance to get away from the office and decompress for a half hour or so.

                          But I could not at HotDog-Opolis, because THE TELEVISION WAS BLARING AT ABOUT 100 DECIBELS.

                          Of course, most or all of the staff are 20 feet away or behind equipment, so perhaps they did not notice this. Or maybe they have it so high so the kitchen employees can "enjoy".

                          But in the small dining area it was ridiculous.

                          No, I did not ask them to lower it. I was a first timer and I figured I'd play by their rules for my first visit.

                          But I have to wonder... Why is this TV on?

                          Is it for the benefit of the staff, or the customers?

                          I don't need to come in and see CNN Headline News - in this case, an hour special on the Newtown killings, no less - at lunch time.

                          Attn owner - I would think about the plusses and minuses of having this TV on.

                          Is it helping your business? Really? How?

                          Does anyone actually say "Oh I'm going here for lunch so I can watch Headline News while I eat!"?

                          Not only is it annoying, but in a place this small, it ruins the enjoyable socialization that might otherwise happen amongst fellow hot dog lovers.

                          Instead, everyone sits slack-jawed, hypnotized by the idiot light from above.