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Nov 18, 2009 06:17 AM

Good sit-down Chinese restaurant in greater Newark region?

I have an uncle visiting from Asia and he'd like to meet up for some good authentic Chinese cuisine. He'll be staying at a Newark airport hotel.

I know of a couple of good Chinese restaurants near Edison such as Shanghai Park in Highland Park or Wonder Seafood in Edison. (That's a 40-minute drive). I also know of one in Middletown, near where I live. (Which would be a 60-minute drive.)

Can anybody recommend a good sit-down authentic Chinese cuisine (Cantonese or Shanghainese style preferred) that is under 30 minutes from Newark? I am NOT looking for Americanized versions or take-out places. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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  1. What's the one in Middletown?

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      I hope it's not Crown Palace...

      Crown Palace
      1285 State Route 35, Middletown, NJ 07748

    2. Chengdu 1 in Verona is probably the closest to Newark that I can think of. Noodle Chu and Chef 81 in Parsippany are also very good and within 30 minutes of Newark.

      There's also Chengdu 23 in Wayne near the Willowbrook Mall which I have heard good things about, but I have not yet been. Hunan Cottage in Fairfield is popular for weekends and the Chinese community, but the atmosphere is bare bones.

      Petite Soo Chow in Cliffside Park has good Xiao Long Boa

      Chengdu 1
      89 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

      1. manhattan's chinattown meets your 30 minute spec on weekdays if you can leave newark at 6:45p. you'll hit the holland tunnel at 7p. head downtown. then, make a left on worth street (STAY OFF CANAL !!!!). make a left onto bowery. cross over canal. when you pass grand street, street parking starts opening up around 7:15p, as the small shops start closing. parking in this area is free after 7p, so you can have a leisurely meal, nosh walk, or both. The parking spaces will start filing up again, so the timing is important.

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          If you come out of the Holland, you can also take Walker Street , which is one block parallel to Canal.....street parking is also free after 7PM.....and I agree with you on the timing aspect.

        2. 3 recs, 2 in NJ, one in NYC:

          -Chengdu1 in Cedar Grove (mentioned above as Verona--right near it--also close to Montclair

          -Noodle Chu in Parsippany

          -Grand Sichuan on St. Mark's Place in the E. Village

          Any of those will get you what you're looking for!

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            I heard such great things about Noodle Chu in Parsippany, and was really eager to eat there after making the 30-min trek from work. Imagine my dismay when I walked in the door and was overpowered by the smell of cigarette smoke! The place was nearly empty, and nobody at any of the tables was smoking. I asked the waiter whether anybody had been smoking in here earlier, and he said no. Then I looked toward the back of the restaurant. There's a window into the kitchen, and I see some middle-aged cook with a smoldering cigarette dangling from his lips as he is cooking at the stove! I told the rather annoyed-looking waiter that I couldn't stay because of the smoke, and he just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as if I were crazy.

            Was this a fluke, or have others had the same problem here? I don't know whether to give it another try...

          2. Thank you for all the suggestions!!!!