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Feb 18, 2005 08:49 AM

Mako Tasting Menu(Omakase)

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Last tues Tasting Menu:

Sashimi Salad of Tuna Tataki, medium blue fin toro and yellowtail, onion soy dressing
Snow Crab tempura, spicy aioli
Diver Scallops with baked uni
Gilled Tuna topped with sauteed Foie Gras, sweet ginger and yuzu kosho
Half Moon Lobster with Black Bean sauce, crispy spinach
Fillet Mignon, garlic cognac sauce, wasabi puree
Duck Pad Thai
Baby New Zealand Lamb Chops
Schezwan Green Beans
Assortment of Desserts

At $60-85pp it one of the best deals in LA.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Is it me or is Mako slowly becoming more and more popular on this board? I'm so happy because it really is one of the best places in town and, like Russkar points out, a real deal considering the quality of the food.

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    1. re: Bob

      I actually first read about Mako on the board early last year shortly after finding out about the Chowhound board, so obviously I was reading raves even then. I do think the Mako raves come in waves (to coin a dumb phrase), and I'm certainly one of the boosters. I've been nearby recently about once a week and so have gone for dinner and lunch a few times. I have not yet had the omakase but have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. So I'm torn between going back to Mako or trying A.O.C. for the first time. Different kind of small plates. But when anybody mentions Beacon or Orris to me (or just now an hour ago the new place Yu on Montana, another Asian small plates joint)--I always tell them to try Mako instead. So maybe if all of us fans are doing that, Mako has reached a "tipping point"?? Mako and Lisa are such nice people, too--I've gotten to know them a bit from being there at late lunch when there weren't many people around. (I commented on their delicious mango sorbet. She told me it was from Fosselman's in Alhambra. When I asked if she knew a place on the westside where I could buy it, she called them and found out not, but offered to get me a half-gallon or something and have it for me to pick up at the restaurant. I didn't take her up on it because I already had a lot of sweet stuff in the house, but...that's what I call "service" above and beyond...)!

      1. re: ThatPat

        I love Mako and have been there many times, lunch and dinner, but I would recommend having your b-day dinner at A.O.C. if that's your other choice. Especially since you've never been, and you've been going to Mako a lot. We did my last two b-days at A.O.C. and loved it both times (we never tell them it's a birthday, fwiw). Or do both...I'm lucky to have multiple b-day dinners. The first year we did A.O.C. we also did Grace, as well as dinner in Vegas. The second year, besides A.O.C. we did Josie, and dinner in Vegas.

        1. re: ThatPat

          I love this! I've known Mako and Lisa for going on 17 years now, since they were both at Chinois on Main, and watching the restaurant grow and gain such popularity makes me so happy. They really are two of the nicest people around, not to mention providing some of my favorite food in LA. My family was just there Tuesday night for a tasting of the menu at Mako's new resaturant, Robata-ya, which is opening up on Sawtelle in a week or so. Very different from the normal Mako fare, but just as amazing.

      2. Hello all!

        Just wanted to chime in on the omakase we had at Mako's last night... wonderful place and thank you to all those on the board that recommended it!

        Please forgive me for not having full descriptions.

        - Crispy oysters in the black olive, basil dressing
        - Sashimi Salad of Tuna Tataki, medium blue fin toro and yellowtail, onion soy dressing
        - Diver Scallops with baked uni
        - Tuna topped with sauteed Foie Gras
        - Half Moon Lobster with Black Bean sauce, crispy spinach
        - Sauteed green beans
        - Roast duck
        - Baby New Zealand Lamb Chops
        - Bento box of 4 desserts

        Let me say that Chef Mako is the king of sauces. The sauces for the scallops, the lobster, and the roast duck made me want to lick the plates clean. =) By the time the lobster had come, we were pretty satisfied at that point, so imagine our surprise when the duck and green beans AND the lamb chops came out. =) I remember looking at the roast duck and thinking, ok, roast duck. You can get roast duck from any Chinese bbq/deli place. But the duck ended up being one of my fave dishes of the night. It was so tender and the skin was so crispy and the sauce that came with the duck.... a marriage of perfect flavors that I have never had w/ roast duck. It was like a tangy cranberry sauce; we couldn't quite put our fingers on it.

        And I have to say that the bento box of different desserts was the perfect way to end the night. So we were expecting to share one dessert, but to have a beautiful assortment put on the table... one was a rasberry sorbet paired with a vanilla ice cream. A tangy, lemony cheesecake, a molten chocolate cake, and then a mango/kiwi mix w/ three different types of cookies. I thought I was stuffed by the end of dinner, but I can't say no to desserts... so I was happily, overly stuffed by the end of the night.

        And the best part of the night... the man at the next table from us, recognized me as the girl that had posted on Chowhound to ask about Mako... =) Hello again, if you're reading this!

        We became big fans of Mako last night.

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        1. re: Chewyj

          I am reading indeed! Your boyfriend and you had quite a feast.

          In addition to most of what you had, we had a really yummy black pork with aged balsamic vinager, and a seafood risotto. Both great!

        2. Be careful....when we started propping Spago they jacked up the prices....

          1. o

            I neglected to respond previously, but we must have been sitting right next to you at Mako on Tuesday. My back was to the window, so it's my wife that would've seen you. Sounds like you know how to order properly. Next time!!

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            1. re: onethatgotaway

              I think I saw you. We were at the middle table at the window. I was in Black Tennis warm ups, Kar was dressed much better.
              Ordering at MAKO isn't complicated, but easy. I just walk in and say the magic words. ASK MAKO TO MAKE DINNER FOR US, the rest is a unique Tasting Menu.

            2. Does anyone know if Mako still has omakase? And if so, how much is it now?