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Nov 18, 2009 05:10 AM

One night in Madrid - Where to eat?

We're going to be staying in Madrid only for a night. We're staying in a hotel near the Prado. What do you suggest for one meal? We're looking for something traditional and not super expensive; so no 3 star michelin.

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  1. Great food but *Mexican* - Entre Suspiro Y Suspiro, off Plaza Isabel II. Probably not what you're looking for but *such* a great place I'll take any opportunity to name it.

    1. If you go up the Calle del Prado to the Plaza Santa Ana there are several acceptable bar/restaurants including a German-style brewpub called Naturbier. As I've said elsewhere to go tapas and wine bar hopping I suggest Calle Cava Baja nearer to the Plaza Mayor. Few tourists great wines at several bars including Taberna Tempranillo and Galician Orixe which may be a great chance to sample Galician food and wine if you aren't visiting the region. Casa Lucio is on this street as is their more afordable and more accesible sister restaurant.

      1. I live in Madrid and as you are only there for one night, I recommend you hop in a taxi in front of El Prado, and tell them to take you to Calle Maldonado, esquina con Calle Castelló (Maldonado, corner with Castelló). It´s not far, and the taxi will cost about 5 euros.
        The restaurant is called La Cazorla - book, because it´s very popular for it´s delicious and reasonably priced Andalucian-style food. The phone number is 915627288. You will be the ONLY foreigners there - the Spanish dress smartly when they eat out; be warned!
        I recomment the Ensalada Cazorla, and the Fritura mixta de la Casa (mixed fried fish). The portions are HUGE - two people would struggle to finish those two dishes if they shared them - both dishes come to about 20 euros. Also good is... everything! Expect to be charged for the bread and aperitíf (2.50 each diner) - it´s a small cover charge - you only need leave a small tip in Spanish restaurants.
        I always take visitors to Madrid here, and they all LOVE it - good luck whereever you go xx

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          I just checked La Cazorla on google, looks like they have several resos. Are they more or less the same or is the one on Castelló the best. Anyway, have to check it out, is about three blocks from where I am working this year (Juan March). Neal