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Nov 18, 2009 04:46 AM

Meyer lemon recipe?

I have about 8 meyer lemons. Any suggestions on how I should use them?

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  1. Slice thin, remove seeds, and throw in with roasted veggies.

    1. there are a lot of threads on using meyer lemons:

      if you search this board for meyer lemons, you'll get a lot more hits.

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        Yes -- I already did a search, but found it hard to wave through the list. I ended up making meyer lemon sorbet. I will also try roasting vegetables with meyer lemon slices.

      2. If you are a fan of the meyer's perfume and have a sweet tooth, please make meyer lemon pudding cake- there are many recipes for it online (try epicurious or maybe even CH). It's very easy (if you don't mind separating whites from yolks and beating whites separately) and delicious. You can bake it in one large pan or in separarte ramekins. The dessert separates out: when baked, the bottom is composed of a lemon "pudding" and the top layer a spongy lemon cake- magical!

        Other ideas: lemon curd, lemon meringue pie, lemon loaf, lemon pancakes, lemonade, lemon cake, lemon whipped cream, lemon ice cream, lemon cookies... sorbet sounds excellent, too.

        1. I posted about meyer lemons this spring and got some great responses:

          My favorites were the candied peel and the lemon curd.

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              Let me sing the praises of lemon curd's many uses! I like to use it to make a lemon tart (prebake a tart shell, fill with cold lemon curd, top with whipped cream). It's great on top of vanilla ice cream, stirred into plain yogurt, or served on top of pound cake (and on top of gingerbread, so I hear). I used lemon curd in a recipe from Sunset magazine for making lemon frozen yogurt- turned out great. I've heard of people stirring lemon curd into a homemade ice cream base to make lemon-swirl ice cream. Perhaps you could use it to fill eclairs or cream puffs. Sometimes I make "lemon mousse" by stirring lemon curd into whipped cream. You can use lemon curd as a layer cake filling, too. Or try placing dollops into a plain cheesecake base- then swirl into base and bake! Sometimes the best use of lemon curd is as a spoon topping (imagine self eating lemon curd with a spoon directly out of the container).

              1. re: shorty68

                I spread it on toast for breakfast (with or without cream cheese) or mix it into plain yogurt. Plus yeah, everything cakewhole said. Just remember when you're making it that you'll need to use less sugar than you would with regular lemons.