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Nov 18, 2009 04:39 AM

Birthday Rec's for the Weekend

Hey i'm trying to decide on a restaurant to go to for my birthday this weekend but i'm not really sure where?

Most of my friends are students so we are on a limited budget i would prolly say no more than $30 a person

I am looking mostly for restaurants Downtown as it would be easier for all of us to get to.

Some restaurants i was looking at

Il Fornello (Never been here but i've heard it's good by some people)
Lee (i like this restaurant but not sure if it would fit the $30 budget)
Biff's Bistro (Never been to this place either but heard it was good and looking at the menu online i think it would JUST fit our budget)

Biff's Bistro
4 Front St. E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B2, CA

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  1. Is the $30 budget meant to include drinks, tax and tip? Or just the food?

    1. Does the $30 include drinks?

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          1. re: retsnome85

            I find Il Fornello not so great. I used to have lots of work lunches there and could never understand why people liked it. I think Lee and Biff's might be pretty tight to fit under $30, unless no one plans to order an app or dessert. My recommendation would be to go to Sidecar on College St. If you can wait until Sunday, they have a fantastic prix fixe deal -- 3 courses for $25. But even on Friday or Saturday, the prices are really reasonable (you can easily get 2 courses for under $30) and the restaurant has a great vibe and is on College St., so you could wander Little Italy afterwards. If you want to go really budget, I would recommend Negroni (which is actually a sister restaurant to Sidecar). Really wonderful panini, inexpensive wines by the glass ($5!) and great service. You could do a starter, a panini with salad, a dessert and a glass of wine for under $30. There's a long thread about it on the board if you want to read more.

            Happy Birthday!

          2. One of my favourite budget places is Jules Bistro, on Spadina between Richmond and Queen West. The $25 3 course prix fixe menu is one of the best deals in town for the quality of the food, the steak frites is particularly good imo.