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Nov 18, 2009 03:21 AM

Solo Dining in Houston

I did a few searches and didn't find anything in the last year for solo dining in Houston.

Would someone please bump up an old thread or two if I used the wrong search words and this has already been posted?

If not, what are some favorite solo dining restaurants in and around Houston?

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  1. A little more info on what part of the city you will be visiting, or what type of food you enjoy would help..... please advise

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      I live in Houston so I'm just filing this away for future reference. I have family scattered about town so just about anywhere would be good. I typically find myself out on the West side of town, Rice Village area, 59 North and the Museum district.

      I'm open to most types of food except for exclusively vegetarian! I have a preference for international cuisines - Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Mexican are the first that come to mind.

    2. My experience is that Thai, Chinese & Vietnamese are difficult places to dine solo, as they tend to be more family or table oriented. I would suggest places with a generous bar space, and staff that know how to treat a diner at the bar. Hugo's, Glass Wall, So Vino come to mind. I'm only familiar with the more authentic Asian places. I'm sure the more trendy places may fit your need if others could comment. I tried Straits last night but did not find it an experience to recommend.

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        I've had no problem dining solo at Vietnam Coast on Hillcroft, just south of Westheimer. I went to Kim Son on the SW Freeway once, and they hustled me in and out of there so fast my head was spinning.