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Nov 18, 2009 01:24 AM

Christmas Lunch in Hampshire/Sussex?

As it turns out, my partner and I will be spending Christmas Day by ourselves as it's been decided that this year the family will get together on Boxing Day. As an Argentine myself, we celebrate Christmas Eve so I'll probably be making a special meal for both of us on that day which means I won't be in the mood for cooking on Xmas day.

Does anyone know of a good place for Christmas lunch in the Hampshire/Sussex area? Traditional with a twist would be good.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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  1. The Thatched Cottage in the New Forest used to have very nice food. Whether or not they are open on Christmas is something I don't know.

    1. A good bet is the Hotel du Vin chain (yes, a chain but a good one & a small one) - there is one in Winchester and one in Brighton.

      1. I've eaten at the Meadow and Sevendials in Brighton. If either are doing lunch they could be a very good bet (the former better than the latter, if you have a choice).

        I've not eaten at Drakes, also in Brighton, but read good things.

        And, still in Sussex, Ockenden Manor. CH contributor "fat boy slim" recommends the place (or does over at egullet in his alter ego of David Goodfellow). :-)

        Based on a meal at the Harrogate offering, Hotel du Vin would be a safe, if unthrilling, bet.

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          drakes is the best, by far, of those brighton options Meadow very good too, Sevendials only OK. Hotel du Vin is 'unthrilling' in the sense of bring fairly trad, but often people don't want anything too risky for Christmas day.

        2. Thanks! The Thatched Cottage is doing a Christmas lunch as is the Hotel Du Vin but the latter seems a little formal and we're looking for a more relaxed, casual feel. The Ockenden Manor is fully booked...decisions, decisions.

          1. OK. Traditional with a twist, then.

            I don't know how it is your way, but seemingly growing in popularity round here is the Christmas Day lunch at an Indian restaurant. Two of the three restaurants in our "village" are open and offering traditional turkey or Indian food.