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Nov 17, 2009 11:35 PM

Taco Time open in Atrium Food Court

A friend of mine from Thunder Bay has been going on about this since he saw the "coming soon" sign. Apparently it's a Taco Bell alternative with a cult following that's now available in Toronto. It's now open, looked fairly busy when passing by yesterday. Anyone been?

I've never experienced any of the other Taco Time locations, but curious how this measures up for Tex Mex fast food offerings in the city. Since we're obviously limited here please don't post that it's not as good as some biblical burrito experience that happened in San Diego.

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  1. I assume it's this chain:

    Would love to get an idea of what the food is like, but none of the links on their "Menu" page seem to work. Sheesh.

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    1. They were all over when I lived in Alberta. I actually didn't even realize they weren't already in Toronto until I saw this post. It is about the same quality as Taco Bell, maybe marginally better. If I never have a taco from there again, I'll be ok with that.

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        It's a western based chain. It's definitely better than Taco Bell. The meat is actually recognizable as such.

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          To me, it is like comparing McDonald's to Harvey's. I guess Harvey's burgers are better, but it doesn't mean I'm going to eat either of them.

      2. Taco Time saved by butt once. Low on gas and money, some pals and I found one in the middle of nowhere, and the staff let us load up on pico de gallo. Not that this was a culinary breakthrough, but I'll always remember their kindness. Sadly, I dont remember the food.

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          1. Made it by today for a late lunch. My Thunder Bay friend insisted that I try the Crisp Beef Burrito, so I got that and made it a combo with deluxe mexi fries and a drink.

            Crisp Beef burrito was like a very basic but tasty chimichange. A basic beef burrito deep fried. It dipped well in the cups of hot sauce that were in the self serve area off to the side. I'd say this is an advanced version of anything served at Taco Bell and it was pretty tasty.

            Deluxe Mexi Fries are tater tots with nacho stuff on them. Nothing earth shattering but an advanced version of what's offered at TB and was actually really tasty. The taco beef actually has a decent flavour and seasoning too it.

            I can understand the cult follow this place has. If under the influence this type of stuff would be holy grail material for munchie isssues. Stone sober it's still fairly tasty. Service was friendly but a bit clunky since they still seem to be in training mode there. But a solid fast food addition to the city, and looking forward to checking out other things on the menu when I'm back in the area.

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              Have you tried Chipotle Mexican Grill? It's just across the road from the Atrium anyway and in my opinion much more delicious than Taco Time.

              1. re: alison87

                I enjoy Chipotle but it's a very different animal than Taco Time. While they both offer burritos one has grilled meats, the other has tater tots with cheese sauce on em. It would be sort of like comparing Black Camel to Subway.