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Nov 17, 2009 10:08 PM

Which one international or regional cuisine are you next interested in learning...

how to cook?

I realize many of us are interested in many cuisines, but if you had to pick one... Say if I were going to treat you to classes, and you had to make a decision.

What intrigues you about the one you've cited?

I've had a desire to learn something about Spanish/Spanish regional cuisine(s). I'm curious about it/them, because I know there's got to be more to the subject than tapas, jamon, Manchega and olives, but that's all I ever seem to hear about in the general media.

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  1. In a complete sense I'd say Moroccan.

    1. Gujarati vegetarian dishes

      1. I am starting to delve into Singaporean and Malaysian which are both fairly remote and exotic options where I live. From what I can tell, they seem to take the best of Southeast Asian and Chinese cuisines and turn them into a spicy, flavorful amalgam, which I could see easily turning into comfort food for me.

        1. I'm good with the basics of Thai, Indian, Japanese (well, just sushi, really,) Chinese, Mexican (and I'm talking moles,) Eastern US (real*) bbq pork parts, and a few others I'm forgetting, BUT, what I really wanna get into is BBQ brisket - The Texas stuff.

          By real, I just mean wood smoke, not implying that eastern bbq is the only real bbq

          1. Have you seen One the Road Again? Really lovely. The seafood, the wine!

            Ghanaian cuisine. I just found a Ghanaian restaurant listing close to me, going to check it out and get cookin'! Oto, Fufu, Red-Red...