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Nov 17, 2009 08:45 PM

Best Hot Dog In Austin

It could be from a snack bar at a high school football field

It could be from a cart on a street corner

It could be from a bowling alley...a national guard armory...a guy in Montopolis selling them out of his side yard on the weekend...

I just need to know where the best hot dog in town is.

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  1. So far, my money's on Frank. I've had just a plain ol' dog there that was outstanding. I've also had a duck and foie gras hot dog there as well which was amazing. But seriously, even just for a plain dog, to me it's the best in town.

    1. the vienna beef dog from the deli case at CM cooked dirty water style.

      1. In my backyard. Hebrew Nationals gently heated in Lone Star and finished on the grill. (Temperature control is important.) (I also use the Lone Star to heat up some brats which I also finish on the grill.)

        Maybe I'll do that on Saturday if the weather holds up.

        I haven't had a hot dog that blows my hair back anywhere in town. I know this sounds insane, but for the cheap-and-good optimal point, Costco used to be great (using Hebrew Nationals as well). Last time I tried this they were using some other dog and the bun was stale, so maybe this isn't good anymore.

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          Yeah, I find their house brand dogs (the same ones the sell in the "cafe") to be too salty and lacking in flavor compared to Hebrew Nationals.

        2. Deep fried Vienna Beef with kraut, relish, onion and mustard (or Chicago style) at Chris' Little Chicago.

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          1. The Chicago hot dog trailer in SOCO not sure of address if you like chi style.?
            Believe it or not the CULVERS on Kramer has good cheap dogs - grilled not boiled.
            Also FuddRuckers makes a good large dog and they have a fixens bar.