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Nov 17, 2009 05:54 PM

Has anyone ever made those black bean brownies or chocolate cake?

just curious to see if they actually taste good or not...anyone?

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  1. I was just looking at a recipe for a flourless chocolate cake made with black beans! I haven't tried it yet, but a friend of mine and I are thinking about making it for her daughter's 1st b-day in a few weeks. Here's the recipe I've been thinking about trying. I am really curious to try it.

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    1. re: Jen76

      I've made the Black Bean Brownies recipe from recipezaar.

      A friend who cannot have gluten ADORED them. I thought they were barely adequate as brownies.

      I think perhaps a different kind of bean, maybe cannelli beans or something that isn't as flavorful as black beans might work.

      She really did love them however.

    2. My sister makes black bean cakes and swears they are wonderful - haven't been able to verify myself yet, but am looking forward to trying. She says they are wonderfully moist . . .

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      1. re: vday

        has she said if it tastes like beans? i imagine it to be rich and chocolate-y, but with a pasty bean texture somewhere - can you get her recipe?

        1. re: jpmcd

          hi jpmcd,
          I e-mailed her and will report back in a day or two when I hear from her:-)

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            Here is what my sister makes. Personally, I would substitute regular sugar, but she doesn't eat it. I do like things that help me avoid wheat flour - so will try this myself sometime soon with sugar as the sweetener.

            Healthy Flourless Chocolate Cake
            Adapted from a recipe at LowCarbFriends

            Makes a single 9" layer cake, which can be halved and stacked for the taller cake
            you see here!

            1-15 ounce can of unseasoned black beans
            OR 1 1/2 cup cooked beans, any color
            5 large eggs
            1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
            1/2 teaspoon sea salt
            6 tablespoons unsalted organic butter OR extra virgin coconut oil
            3/4 cup erythritol plus 1/2 teaspoon pure stevia extract OR 1/4-1/3 cup honey plus 1
            teaspoon stevia OR 1 cup Splenda
            6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
            1 teaspoon aluminum-free baking powder
            1/2 teaspoon baking soda
            1 tablespoon water (omit if using honey)

            Mint Chocolate variation:
            2 teaspoons mint extract (in place of 2 teaspoons vanilla)

            oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray a 9" cake pan with extra virgin
            olive oil cooking spray, or just grease it with a thin layer of butter.
            Dust cocoa all over the inside of the pan, tapping to evenly
            distribute. Cut a round of parchment paper and line the bottom of the
            pan, then spray the parchment lightly.

            Drain and rinse beans
            in a strainer or colander. Shake off excess water. Place beans, 3 of
            the eggs, vanilla, stevia (if using) and salt into blender. Blend on
            high until beans are completely liquefied. No lumps! Whisk together
            cocoa powder, baking soda, and baking powder. Beat butter with
            sweetener (erythritol or honey) until light and fluffy. Add remaining
            two eggs, beating for a minute after each addition. Pour bean batter
            into egg mixture and mix. Finally, stir in cocoa powder and water (if
            using), and beat the batter on high for one minute, until smooth.
            Scrape batter into pan and smooth the top. Grip pan firmly by the edges
            and rap it on the counter a few times to pop any air bubbles.

            for 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Cake is done with the top is rounded
            and firm to the touch. After 10 minutes, turn out cake from pan, and
            flip over again on to a cooling rack. Let cool until cake reaches room
            temperature, then cover in plastic wrap or with cake dome (I use an
            overturned plastic chip bowl). For BEST flavor, let cake sit over
            night. I promise this cake will not have a hint of beaniness after
            letting it sit for eight hours! If you are stacking this cake, level
            the top with a long serrated knife, shaving off layers until it is flat
            and even. Frost immediately before serving

        2. Hi.
          I just finished making this recipe from the Healthy Indulgences blog, although I substituted approximately 3/4 c. sugar for stevia (from conversion tables online).
          Even after the blending of the beans, eggs, sugar, and salt, the flavor of the beans was barely perceptible.
          The resultant batter had even less hint of bean.
          The end result was a mildly coconutty, moist cake that smelled exceptional.
          As per the original recipe, I let the prepared cake rest overnight to permit any further beaniness to dissipate (just in case).
          I tried a piece last night and it was quite divine (for those of us who are gluten and dairy free, this is such a treat).
          If I were to make it again, however, I think I would attempt to play with the proportions of sweeteners as I'd like it to be a little lighter in texture.
          I didn't have luck with the icing recipe, though (too dense). But, admittedly, I've only made icing one other time in my life!
          Anyway, best of luck.
          I think this is a great recipe- good tasting, full of fiber, and good fats.

          1. I tried the recipe from the blog, it turned out tasty and dense but very flat and can't imagine dividing it to frost the middle because it was way too flat. However we enjoyed it.

            Used sugar.

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            1. re: BamiaWruz

              I tried the recipe as provided by Dr. Oz for "Black Bean Brownies." They called for NO flour and NO sugar and only 2 tbl. of olive oil.

              They were hideous: flat, dry, and the weird chemical-taste of Splenda after it's been baked. I think 1. real sugar is needed for proper crystalization and 2. butter, for creaming.

              They are fine, though, if you're gluten-free, or really dying for something sweet and cannot have sugar. But otherwise, yuck.

            2. I repeatedly made the black bean brownies (brownie mix + 1 can beans). They are great, and a huge hit at the office as well. No, they don't taste like beans. Not that they taste exactly like "regular" brownies, but still pretty darn good.