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Nov 17, 2009 05:34 PM

What is your favorite Fukuoka restaurant?

I will be going to Fukuoka for the fourth time this next Golden Week. I love ramen and I've been to a bunch of ramen shop but I am always looking for something new.
Where do you like to eat in Fukuoka? Any recommendations?

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    1. Nishihara is my favorite one. They serve wonderful maguro sashimi and whale tongue (called Saezuri). Excellent food with very reasonable price (around 5000yen-7000yen).

      Also you should try Fukuoka specialties other than Ramen such as Mizutaki (chicken nabe) or Motsunabe (beef intestine nabe).

      My other favorites:
      * El Borracho (authentic mexican food, very good taco al pastor
      )* Tenjin Hinabejo (Shichuan food)
      * Happu (Mizutaki, great chicken sashimi and Izakaya dishes)
      * Fujimaru (cheap kaiten-zushi joint but offers great saba and aji)