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Nov 17, 2009 04:28 PM

Pink Panda Party Ideas

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, we're getting a cake shaped like a panda wearing a pink tutu, so our color theme is pink, black, and white. I need food ideas that sort of go with this. The cake is really the only sweet thing I need, although I'm not opposed to incorporating Oreos into something, because that's kind of obvious for the color scheme. I was thinking maybe some kind of pretzel salad with pink fluffy something and crushed oreos. Can anyone help me with that? I need other ideas too, and red is a fine substitute for pink. I live in Florida, so I can still get things like watermelon and strawberries. Thanks!

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    1. crostini with cream cheese and tapenade
      black bean cakes with sour cream and tomato or red bell relish
      black bean dip with white tortillas
      dark rye with cream cheese and lox

      1. Not as many pink foods appealing to kids palates, but...

        -Maybe pigs (pink) in blankets

        -beets and shrimp are pinkish but not really kid-friendly

        -You could do dumplings and just add a tinge of coloring to the wrapper to make pink wrappers... stuff as you like

        -Strawberry Yogurt Dip with fruit and cake dippers

        And the best black white and pink would be California Rolls!!

        1. Pink lemonade (add strawberry puree)