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Nov 17, 2009 03:47 PM

Goya olive oil in 3 L cans ??

Where can I purchase this oil in 3L cans within the Manhattan/Norwalk, Ct. area?
If necessary, I will purchase by the case, again, only in 3L cans.
My source for this product is no longer available.

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  1. Any large Supermarket that carries Goya products will special order it for you, by the case

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    1. re: wineconsul

      I was trying to avoid doing just that but, when all is said & done, that may turn out to be the best solution.

      1. re: wineconsul

        Apparently not anymore. Made this request with all the large supermarkets in Stamford/Norwalk area and struck out.
        Their story is " the 3L product is not in their system and therefore cannot be offloaded to their store even though the product is on that truck available for delivery".

        1. re: makko

          You could just follow the truck and see where else he delivers....or ask the driver. Not joking, I've done things like that, the drivers are usually very friendly.

          1. re: coll

            It requires a membership (a la Costco) but if you know anyone who might use Restaurant Depot perhaps they can look for you. Have any friends in the restaurant/catering business?

            1. re: lillydaisy

              I'm almost positive Rest Depot doesn't carry Goya, you have to buy direct from Goya (98 case minimum I believe) or (just recently, for smaller quantites) from a "re-distributor" that only sells to big wholesale foodservice companies.

              I looked online and Goya sells to the public, however only small olive oil bottles listed. There are alot of smaller grocery chains that specialize in Spanish clientele, I'm going to my local one this morning and will scope it out. If anyone has it, they will. If they don't, then I will guess that it's possibly discontinued? I know that happened to Progresso olive oil many years ago, to my great disbelief.

              1. re: coll

                Just got back, they have one of the largest Goya selections around that I know of; plenty of Goya olive oil but only the smaller ones pictured on the website, in clear bottles. All cans of olive oil are Italian. Have you tried calling Goya directly, they would have a lot more info than asking your local supermarket, just ask them if it's discontinued, and if not, who they sell it to. If it was a slow mover, they could have stopped packing it.


                I'm also thinking that the Spanish speaking market goes more for corn oil, which I see they carry in gallons, albeit plastic.

                1. re: coll

                  I did contact Goya back in Apr09 and they identified (3) locations and all are hit or miss, almost always a miss. I did have one store, that has a large Spanish speaking clientele, special order for me but recently underwent a change in ownership and new owners are not so amicable. If I were to see a Goya truck offloading, I would definitely buy a case fromf the driver. Who would have thunk this would be so difficult?

      2. why does it have to be goya specifically?

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        1. re: OLIVER_J

          Goya extra virgin suites my palate.