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Nov 17, 2009 03:02 PM

Looking for Nokkelost Cheese in LA Area!

Anyone know where I can buy some of the real Norwegian cheese called Nokkelost in the LA area?


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  1. Yeah, good luck on that one. I was in Olson's Deli in LA last year asking the same question and they told me that they cannot import it into the US anymore. However, I did find it in the cheese store in Stoughton, Wisconsin. It was very expensive, but, of course, I splurged. Wonder if they would ship it. Please let us know if you find any local sources. I wonder if that cheese shop in Silverlake would be able to get their hands on some for you.
    As a sort-of substitute, I have found Havarti with caraway seeds in it every so often.

    1. Hello! I'd suggest calling Olson's Delicatessen: 323.938.0742. 5660 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019.

      Good luck...

      Olson's Delicatessen
      5660 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

      1. Last year, I ordered from a Scandinavian shop in NY, but like you mentioned, shipping/handling was expensive. This shop also said that there is no longer a clear law prohibiting it's export to the US.

        I've tried the Dutch version (Leiden) and a domectic version (Everybody's) and neither compare to the real thing.

        I'll keep checking around and will post if I find a source.

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          Thanks to a tip from Olson's, I found a shop in Oakland, CA (sorry, I know that's not local ) that has the real deal nokkelost.

          Wally's Wine store on Westwood has carried it in the past so I have a call into them as well.

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          1. I'm looking for Nokkelost also. So far since looking through the internet, Washington State makes this cheese, or at least, similar to the real Norwegian recipe. I also found a site called Viking that sells it. It's out of Pennsylvania and they don't mail until after September, unless you live in their area. I remember getting it in Staten Island, NY with some yummy Gristle bread. The last time unfortunately was in 1979 when I visited my grandmother. I can't believe they don't have either here in Los Angeles. I know they have a ludefisk(spelling?) festival in Van Nuys every year. That's about it for being second generation Norwegian-American.

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              The Wally's Wines site ( ) has a description of Nokkelost but no current product listing. The store has been able to get relatively obscure cheeses for me in the past, so I recommend calling them.

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                The Washington State cheese is NOT real nokkelost; it's good, but nothing like the real deal.

                I've purchased nokkelost from that cheese store in PA, but won't do it again since the shipping was expensive.

                As I mentioned before, Wally's might get it, but it's iffy.

                Best source (online) is the Nordic House in Oakland, Ca; they sell real nokkelost. Here's a link:


                1. re: vinosnob

                  Thanks! My cousin and aunt are currently visiting from Norway and are going up the SF tomorrow. I am going to ask my cousin if she can pick some up for me when they are up there. Yay! ;-)