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Nov 17, 2009 02:41 PM

Dublin dining near Abbey Theatre

We've got Saturday night tix to the Abbey and had hoped to have a pre-theatre dinner at Chapter One. Sadly, they're fully booked (Dec. 12!) Any suggests about where to go to get good food near the theatre? Alternatively, I'm considering trying to get into Patrick Guilbaud for lunch that Saturday and then we'll skip dinner. Thoughts?

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  1. Well, just heard from PG. They're booked all that day too. Wow! It's worse than NY.

    1. Ahh yes coming close to christmas there! For convenience to the Abbey try out the Winding Stair for modern irish on the quays or for casual italian the 'italian quarter' on blooms lane off ormond quay, there's an enoteca there cant remember its name. Both are a short stroll to the theatre.

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        You could try Thorntons for lunch and skip dinner. Alternatively try Pearl Brasserie or Pichet for early dinner.
        None of these are exactly beside the Abbey but Dublin city centre is quite compact and easily walkable.

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          Hey, Patricko: just wanted to suggest that the OP follow your great advice. My husband and I so loved Pichet's early bird that we went there twice in our less-than-a-week stay. Great food, great value, friendly and attractive place.

      2. One more idea which has popped into my head is L'Gueleuton ( They open at 6pm and do not take reservations. There is usually a queue outside before it opens. A good plan would be a nice cocktail in the uber cool No Name bar upstairs and then hit the queue for about 5.45pm. The food is casual French Bistro but the cooking is good and there is a great buzz in room.

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          Talbot 101, on Talbot St., is close to the Abbey and are experts at getting you served in good time for the performance. Word has it that they have, of late, tried to offer value at the expense of choice but the place is usually buzzing between 6 and 8.