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Nov 17, 2009 02:32 PM

Panettone brands available in Toronto... recommendations?

So many boxes to choose from! Also plain-wrapped in bags.

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  1. Any panettone by TreMarie is good.

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      Second TreMarie. It's pricy compared to most brands though.

      A good rule of thumb is scan the ingredients list. You should expect to see butter and eggs instead of hydrogenated anything, palm oil, shortening, It should read like the ingredients from a recipe, not a science experiment.

      1. re: ComeUndone

        Agreed- TreMarie is my nonna's staple when she isn't up to making cakes or pastries herself (sorry nonna!)

        1. re: basileater

          RCSS (Superstore) has a bunch in stock right now. Other than that, Italian specialty stores, Pusateris etc.

      2. Tre Marie is good but don't go for the ones with the chocolate "pudding" stuff inside or the lemon filled ones. I like the traditional raisin, candied fruit one or, my favorite, the plain one with confectioner's sugar in a packet in the box to top it off!

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        1. re: Abbeshay

          Good call- the "plain one" is actually pandoro, and is equally as tasty.

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            Sounds like lots of panettone fans on this thread.

            Chapters has a really interesting cake (not TreMarie brand, far as I know) called Panbriacone, the label says it's like a Panettone but soaked in wine. I'd love to try it but it's $39.99.

            Anybody ever had one?

            This one looks similar:


            My favourite Panettone by TreMarie is the one with Gianduja.