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Nov 17, 2009 02:31 PM

Small Flour Tortillas?

I am considering adding do-it-yourself carne asada wraps to my New Year's Day buffet, and want to buy small flour tortillas - something smaller than the standard 8 inch. Anyone know of a Mexican grocery store in the San Fernando Valley that carries them? I tried my local Vallarta, but, no luck. Thanks in advance

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  1. Most regular supermarkets have smaller, national brand 'fajita' sized flour tortillas. These are a more Tex-Mex oriented product which is why you might not find them in Latino oriented markets.
    I think I've seen them at Food4Less and ValuPlus. How about Jons Marketplace?

    1. I think I saw some about 5" or so at Superior in NoHo, Lankershim just north of Oxnard. I didn't look real close, though. I thought the standard size for flour was like an old vinyl LP.

      1. Thanks all - I'll check out those markets.

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          I've seen small ones at Ralph's as well. Good luck!

        2. We recently discovered the La Tortilla Factory Flour/Corn blend tortillas... size of typical taco tortillas and so soft but with a bit of heft and lots of taste to make nice big tacos...


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              I got them at Pavillions in Culver City

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                Those sound really good. Thanks, Dommy, I'll give Pavillions a try.

          1. I saw big packages of 5 inch tortillas at costco the other day.