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Cheese & Apple Pie

Does anyone still eat their apple pie with a slice of cheddar on top anymore. Seems to be a thing of the past.

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  1. My mom loves her (home made, unsweetened) apple pie with a slice of old Cheddar cheese, I used to until becoming allergic to dairy and eggs! For my grandparents I bake shreds of it into the crust.

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      I love jo jo ba's idea of incorporating grated cheddar into the crust. I must try that!

    2. The slice of cheddar seems to have been replaced by a scoop of ice cream--the ubiquitous pie a la mode--but the apple pie/cheddar combo is a classic that I still love and have at home when I can.

      1. I remember a restaurant that we frequented as a kid where the very flaky crusted apple pie was served hot with a large wedge of cheddar on the side. I was confused the first time until dad instructed me to take a bite of pie and then pick up the wedge and take a small bite of cheese. An instant hit - maybe my first ever experience blending seemingly incompatable flavors. And, yes, it is a thing of the past. You never see it offered these days. Maybe I'll try again with my apple gallette.


        1. That's how my yankee grandparents always served it. And then, how my NE Mom served it. I'm sure when we were little, we had ice cream with it, but on the rare occasions that I make or serve an apple pie, we always have some sharp Vermont or NY cheddar to go with it.

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            And that's the way my NE-born paternal grandfather always liked his pie, and my father used to as well. I usually just ate my apple pie unadorned, but perhaps this Thanksgiving I'll slice up some extra-sharp cheddar to go with the small Apple Blossoms (only a few of us, so it's just a pumpkin pie vs. pumpkin AND apple).

          2. My Dad always said - "Apple Pie without the cheese, is like a kiss without the squeeze".

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              My dad says that too! I love apple pie with cheddar. Not melted on top, though. On the side.

              Don't really love ice cream on my pie. I like to eat my pie slowly and the ice cream just doesn't hold up. I also love the flavour of pie crust, so don't want to have it all soggy. If I want cream on my pie, I have whipped cream.

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                  My late grandmother, born in the 1890's always said that, and I never have a slice without thinking of that or of her. Best I ever had, while on foliage vacation in VT several years ago, at a town fair, where hot apple pie, made with local apples, was served with sharp local cheddar. It was heaven on earth.

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                    I'd never heard of having cheddar cheese with apple pie until I met my now-hubby. His grandfather also used to say "apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze". Now I dig it. :o)

                2. Not on the top, but on the side I like a hunk of cheddar with my pie. Actually, I prefer to hold the pie and just have the hunk of cheddar

                  1. Yum, this is a beautiful thing. I first learned of the cheddar cheese and apple pie pairing when I was in college and waiting tables at a private dinner club. At lunch every day I waited on the same group of old, retired attorneys and a couple of them always asked for a slice of cheddar cheese on their pie. I thought it was strange until I tasted it. Mm, mm good.

                    1. We always ate our apple pie with cheese as kids. Since we had apple trees out back, there was a steady supply of pie until late autumn. If we were ambitious, we'd slice the cheese off a block of cheddar; if we were in a hurry, we'd just use process cheese slices.

                      Didn't try pie with ice cream until I was in university.

                      1. I have ice cream on top for dessert and cheese on top for breakfast. :) I also love an apple cheddar gratin that I make for Thanksgiving.

                        1. I grew up occasionally eating apple pie made with a cheddar cheese top crust, probably exchanging part of the shortening in the crust with grated sharp cheddar.

                          1. I didn't have pie a la mode until I was in my 30's. And it was cinnamon icecream. It was good, but the crust gets soggy and I hate that. So I reserve my a la mode for apple crisp and eat cheddar with my pie.

                            1. I missed it, but a friend said one of the PBS Scandinavian cooking shows had a quiche made with apple and cheddar, which sounds like a terrific brunch/lunch adaptation of the traditional dessert.

                              1. Make both camps happy by serving Apple Pie a la mode with Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream http://www.cooksrecipes.com/dessert/w...

                                1. I had never done that before until I went to a local Boston steakhouse, Abe & Louie's. Our server recommended the apple pie and cheddar and we trusted him. It was actually pretty good!

                                  1. Add a small slice of Gjetoast, the Norwegian caramelized cheese.
                                    Great on hot Apple Dumplings too.

                                    1. I always have a chunk of cheddar with my apple pie at home.

                                      1. My did used to put a slice of American cheese on his apple pie, and I love this combination, too.

                                        1. I have always enjoyed it. I like warm apple crumble pie (the more cinnamon in the crumb topping the better) with extra old cheddar finely chopped on top of the slice, so it melts slowly once I cut into the crumb top. First time I tried it was as a kid visiting Chudleigh's farm west of Toronto. Been hooked ever since.

                                          I'm from Canada, where this is popular (as it is in the northeast US), but my wife is from the southern US and finds it so disgusting she can't watch me eat it. She already can't stand crumb topping pie (or apple crisp), but throwing cheese on it to her adds insult to injury. She prefers traditional crust apple pie, a la mode.

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                                            Funny you should mention the southern antipathy to cheese on apple pie. My father, a born-and-bred Texan, loved cheese (American) on apple pie. I guess there are always exceptions.

                                          2. I make a double thin crust on top of my apple pies with cheddar inbetween the two top crusts. It becomed the thickness of a normal top crust with a o so cheesey flavour. But then again I'm Canadian.