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Nov 17, 2009 01:54 PM

New Years Eve Dinner in London

Hi - I'm a 24 year old new yorker who is heading across the pond to LDN for a week and a half after Christmas. I am visiting my best friend there - also 24 - and we'd like to treat ourselves to an excellent New Year's Eve dinner at a memorable restaurant. Although we obviously don't want to completely break the bank, we're willing to spend a bit for a truly great dinner.

Suggestions for a NYE dinner locale? Preferences are:
- somewhere that has a fun vibe without being overly hipster and/or annoying...nothing that screams "scene"
- somewhere with a beautiful space but where the food doesn't take a backseat
- somewhere where dinner will not run more than $150 per person

Thoughts? Thank ya.

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  1. Many places will be open for New Year's Eve but check in advance around the offer - most places will be charging a huge premium and would usually be a set menu.

    Before we start on recommendations, where are you staying? I would suggest dining somewhere within walking distance or near a tube if possible as getting cabs is near impossible and they too charge a premium. Is your budget to include wine?

    1. I'm in the exact same boat. Me and the fiance (25 Year Olds) will be in London at the same time and have no idea what to do on NYE...

      1. As pj26 mentioned, any clue on location? $150 each should be more than enough for all except the swankiest of venues.

        1. I just had an email through from Bounday in Shoreditch who are doing a NYE dinner: this could suit your requirements? The food is fantastic, very French and the space is lovely - with a cool bar. For £90 they have a champagne, oyster and caviar reception, four courses and entertainment or £55 for three courses early NYE supper. Sounds like a pretty good deal, and it's a great place.