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Nov 17, 2009 01:06 PM

Sunset Park Latin for a Large Group

Okay, so I posted once already looking for a festive place to throw my birthday party and got a smattering of good suggestions (see ).

But I thought I would throw out this targeted request to the 'hounds and see if it could spark some ideas: any good Latin place in Sunset park that (a) serves drinks; and (b) is big enough to accommodate a large group (say 30 people) on a saturday night without renting out the whole place?

(Also, if you have any ideas based on the earlier post, I'm not fully set on Latin food, so feel free to add further ideas!)

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  1. I love Tacos Matamoros in Sunset Park for Mexican food. Almost everything I've ever had there has been very good (tacos, burritos, chicken mole poblano, shrimp cocktail, garlic shrimp, pork chop in red sauce, cemitas and tortas, enchiladas, etc, Next I'm going to try the soups and steaks.). Although I love the tacos, I think anyone who limits themselves to just tacos at Matamoros is really missing something. I go there whenever I miss Mexico (which is often!). It's very inexpensive, has a big room in front and a room in back that they may be able to set up for your party. They do not have a full bar but they do make very good margaritas. I think the only other drink they make is pina coladas. It's a strange liquor license but it works for me since margaritas are my favorite drink. I think you can probably byobeer. It's on Fifth Ave near 45th St.

    Tacos Matamoros
    4508 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220