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Nov 17, 2009 12:00 PM

Loose tea shops

Does anyone know where, in Montreal, I can buy loose teas and some paper or cloth sachets. I would like to make teas as a gift and I don't necessarily want to be sewing cloth together. Also, does anyone have any ideas as far as taste combinations go?


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  1. I would suggest at trip to Camellia Sinensis. They have a very wide array of teas to choose from, as well as very knowledgeable staff to help you out. They also sell tea accessories. La Dépense at Jean-Talon market sells many kinds of loose leaf tea, but I have not noticed if they carry the cloth you speak of.

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      Seconded for Camellia Sinensis. I am not a huge tea fan, but with sufficient time and money, this place could change that.

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        Camellia Sinensis also sells boxed packages of really lovely tea assortments (each usually based around one tea-growing region), at various price points, which make wonderful gifts.

      2. I like going to Amour des Thés for my teas. I have a few favourite teas I get regularly, including one of their lovely smoky lapsang souchongs. There's one shop on Monkland (NDG) and two others elsewhere. I believe they also have pyramidal tea bags to fill. But you might just want to purchase tins of loose leaf tea; they are quite 'giftable'.

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            1. There used to be an oriental tea shop on the north side of de la Gauchetierre between Clark and St. Urbain in Chinatown.
              They did some renovations to the building but I don't know if the shop survived.
              When I was there, perhaps a year ago, they had many types of teas from relatively inexpensive to high end, everyday to special occasion teas. Also tastings and plenty of tea do-dads (pots/cups/immersion balls/decor, etc etc).