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Feb 17, 2005 05:03 PM

Do you have a favorite non-chain ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT place?

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Just curious if anyone has a secret gem of an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT restaurant. Any type of cuisine.

I forget which one, but one (or more) of the SGV Chinese Vegetarian restaurants offer an all-you-can-eat deal, where you can basically order anything off the menu until you're full.

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    1. If you're talking buffets, nothing is close to West Coast Seafood in Hacienda Heights for the price. Head and shoulders above Todai or any of the Chinese buffets. Obviously not quite as good as the Universal Sheraton, but that one's so expensive you can only go there once a year at most.

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      1. re: Chandavkl

        What's the cost and what's offered?

        1. re: Briggs

          I think weekday lunches are $7.99 and weekends are $16.99 all day. Don't recall the weekday dinner price. Think Todai, but with Chinese seafood instead of Japanese stuff, and much higher quality. I'm not a sushi eater, but the rest of my family likes the sushi there. On weekends they have two different types of crab, either lobster thermador, fresh shrimp or fresh scallops, New York steak, prime rib and various other seafood dishes. Even on weekday lunches they have varieties of fish dishes and other seafood items. The selection is much larger than any of the other Chinese buffets in the San Gabriel valley. We've been going there every other week even though its a 35 mile drive for us. It's at 1655 S. Azusa in Hacienda Heights.

      2. Manna in K-Town for korean bbq (table service, not buffet service). (15 pp)
        Cafe Sierra at the Universal Hilton for AYCE oysters, good prime rib, and pretty decent lobster thermidor. (40 pp)

        and when i hit vegas, the bellagio buffet, for prime grade beef wellington, prime rib, venison, elk tenderloin great lamb chops and king crab claws. (a steal at 35 pp, but with a 1-2 hour wait)

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        1. re: Bert

          Indian food is obviously tops out here. Shershaa in the marina is pretty popular.

          I also enjoy the Aunt Kizzys Sunday Brunch, although I haven't had the opportunity to check it out recently. Lots of deserts, soul food, etc.

          There was a mention of a Katmandu place or something like that in Culver City on Venice Blvd..JoeMacBu recommended it but I haven't had the oppoutunity to try it.

          P.S. At the Bellagio, you should just use the line pass like I do. 10 minutes max. :)

          1. re: Xericx

            Aunt Kissy's Sunday Brunch is all you can eat? I thought it was order off the menu. Maybe I should try it this Sunday.

            1. re: RUBulldog

              Just called them up. Sundays, $14.95.

              All you can eat!

              1. re: Xericx

                Thanks for checking. I'll buy you a lemonade if you go on Sunday. :)

            2. re: Xericx

              how do u get that line pass? If we're only 2 people, we go sit at the bar. no waiting.
              thank you

              1. re: coco puff

                I know this will be moved to another board soon enough, but do you just go to the front of the line and ask to sit at the bar?! enquiring minds NEED to know!!!

                1. re: Bert

                  Per the CH guidelines, I'll discuss on the SW board. :)


                  1. re: Xericx

                    We appreciate your re-directing to the Southwest board. Everyone else, please hold your comments regarding Vegas dining for the Southwest board.

                    Thanks again.

          2. Gyushintei in Torrance. All you can eat Shabu Shabu. Technically a chain. This is the only US location tho, the rest are in Japan. I LOVE this place!!


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              Steve Doggie-Dogg

              I've been going to a Thai restaurant in Burbank called Thai Kitchen for lunch lately. They have an all you can eat lunch buffet from 11 to 3 for $6.99. The food is good and there's lots to choose from.

              See ya


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              1. re: Steve Doggie-Dogg
                Steve Doggie-Dogg

                I forgot the address!

                2730 W Burbank Bl near Buena Vista

                See ya