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Nov 17, 2009 10:56 AM

Banana Extract Brands?

Making a banana cream pie and wanted to add a couple of drops of banana extract to my pudding (homemade) but the store brand I bought smells like cheap banana taffy.

Any brad suggestion...particularly organic?

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  1. I always use a decent brand of banana liqueur from the liquor store, has about the same level of alcohol but is made to taste decent at least. If you can find Marie Brizzard, then you're in luck. (Sorry I know nothing about organic, especially alcohol based)

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      At the company I work for, we actually use a banana extract that's made specifically for our buisness and it works VERY well. In the quantitiy we use, you get just a "kiss" of banana flavor, flowed by other deeper flavors.
      Scott is right though, overripe bananas add a fantastic sweetness and they can be pureed to give you a smooth texture. I would recomend mixing in some sort of citric acid as you puree them so they don't oxidize...
      Hmmm but I wonder how you could do that without adding a tangy or sour flavor...

      Maybe the acidity in rum would work?

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        I know there are very good extracts made for ice cream places that make their own ice cream, they are from France, don't know how you would get them on the street though.

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        A late aunt used to make HOMEMADE liquers, even a rose flavored one! You're right, Marie Brizzards' is fine! My grandson loves peanut butter & banana sandwiches. At last minute he told my daughter, a busy, single working mom, he needed cookies for a school event. Well, Gramma to the rescue. I figured there'd be alot of plain peanut butter cookies, so I added some of the banana liquer to my recipe and they were a hit!!! Later we made homemade banana & peanut butter cookie "ice cream blitzz" OMG! Yummy!!
        I adjusted the amount for cookies to taste, as well as to the "blitzz", I think my blender even smiled. Thanks for the tip!!!

      3. All banana extracts, regardless of the brand, smell/taste like cheap banana taffy. It's the nature of the beast. That's why very few home bakers bake with it.

        If you want to kick up the banana flavor in your pie, I'd add some pureed over-ripe bananas to your finished, but still warm pudding. Over-ripe bananas give a lot of banana flavor, but, unlike the extract, don't taste artificial.

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          Thanks, scott123. I suspected that might be the case. I've never used the stuff before and was very disappointed in the product. I may figure out a way to blend an over-ripe banana puree into the pudding. Good suggestion.

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            I made a banana cream pie a few days ago by blending very ripe, very well pureed banana into the vanilla filling while it was still warm. Mind I said the banana was very well pureed and I had no oxidizing issues, although a squeeze of lemon juice would prevent that, without adding any noticable tartness to the filling. The puree definitely added a banana dimension to the filling, where normally I would have none, as I also don't like/use banana extract.
            I also thought that possibly banana liquor might enhance the flavor, added as a substitute for some of the milk in the filling, but I had neither liquor or finances for it. Maybe next time.

        2. HERE'S THE SOLUTION!!! Margie's brand banana syrup. Pure banana puree with a little white grape juice and natural thickener. Comes in a glass jar andis just what you're looking for. Very banana-y tasting, without tasting fake. Bought it at Jon's Supermarket I think. But it's a commonly available brand.

            1. Frontier has an excellent banana flavoring:


              I discovered it on the King Arthur Flour site. If *they* carry it, you know it's top drawer.