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Nov 17, 2009 10:07 AM

Peking Duck Metro DC area

I have found some posts on here of good Peking Duck near DC only to find they are out of date or too far away or no longer open.

Is there anyplace within walking distance of the Washington, DC metro that serves authentic peking duck???

My husband travels to China frequently on business, but we live in rural NC where peking duck can not be found. We look for the dish whenever we travel.


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  1. Unless there's someplace in Chinatown that does a good job with Peking duck, the only place I can recommend is Peking Gourment Inn in Falls Church. Unfortunately it's not really walking distance from a Metro station, though I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't get a bus there from the Metro. It's in an area where not everyone has a car. In fact, yeah, the 4A bus takes you from the Rosslyn Metro station practically to the door of the restaurant. It's a long trip, though, to get a duck, about half an hour on the bus

    1. Peking Gourmet Inn really is worth the effort. Everything about the place is from another time. Tables with lazy susans, waiters in white coats, and all those ridiculous pictures of the Bush family! It's a DC experience for sure. The Peking Duck is fantastic. A faster way to get there would be to take the Orange Line to East Falls Church station, and grab a taxi. Don't be dismayed when you get there- it looks awful from the outside. You won't believe your eyes when you walk in though!

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        With a backup recommendation like that, I'll add that it would be a good idea to make a reservation. They tend to fill up at times.

        Of course I thought of a cab as well, but knowing how much a cab from EFC Metro to my house costs (and you'd have to go the same way to the Peking Gourmet Inn, I'd expect that it would be about an $11 ride each way. In my budget, that's about like buying dinner for another person. <g> But of course it's a valid option.

        I used to like Duck Chang's for Peking duck better than Peking Gourmet Inn. Legend (and perhaps fact) is that Duck Chang, the original owner, was from the family that invented the dish, hence his nickname. But he died several years ago, and while I think the restaurant is still in the family, something was lost. I haven't been there in quite some time, trusting the suggestions that it ain't what it used to be.

      2. Peking Gourmet has rather americanized cuisine. If he's looking for authentic chinese food, then its probably best to consider other options. The ambience has a feel of a homestyle italian restaurant except for the pictures of the celebrities on the walls have been replaced by politicians and military figures.

        Another option would be tenpenh. thats certainly more convenient (Navy Archives metro) than Peking Gourmet. Its fusion, but they have a peking duck appetizer on their menu. I would certainly prefer this atmosphere to falls church / dumpy parking lot / hard to get to.

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        1. re: guangchow

          They're looking specifically for Peking duck. How authentic Chinese food is that?

          1. re: MikeR

            neither places are authentic, both places have peking duck. I was suggesting tenpenh, as its a nice restaurant and completely more convenient to get to. It certainly would be a much more pleasant experience for an out-of-towner.

              1. re: MikeR

                Of course peking duck is an authentic dish, but its preparation at Peking Gourmet is far from authentic. It's not impressive to see someone carve the fat in front of you. The fat from the duck should have melted off the duck. 2 thumbs down from a Chinese foodie who has eaten much better Chinese food elsewhere.

                1. re: schak

                  schak, where is the best peking duck around here in your view?

                  talkin' about duck, however, the best duck appetizer i've had was at a thai restaurant next to ravi kabob. i haven't been in a long time, to know if they still make it. meaty, crispy, hot as a firebrand, but totally irresistible.

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                    anyone had x.o. taste's version of peking duck?