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Nov 17, 2009 09:48 AM

Birmingham - Camp Taco (Southside)

I just tried to get down one of their "mission style" chicken burritos. The cold "queso fresco" which was shredded and not crumbled like most queso fresco that I typically know, contrasted poorly with the grilled not steamed flour tortilla. I wish we had a good mission-style burrito place here where the burritos also didn't just fall apart 1/2 way through. This happened with my Camp Taco burrito but yeah I'm looking at you chains (Qdoba - dear god no; Chipotle - on occasion good but too far; Moe's - no).

They do have a large selection of tacos, but no pork (except the BLT taco).

Maybe Mexican Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday lunch was not the greatest plan.

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  1. I stopped back by yesterday to try the tacos. These are not traditional tacos and they're not perfect, but if I find myself in Southside they're an interesting option. I ordered a brisket taco. They do not have any of the traditional Mexican pork preparations, but a decent number of other meat & seafood options. The taco came with a flour tortilla lightly grilled with corn tortilla too, with some black bean paste between the two, lots of very finely shredded brisket, cilantro, a little crema and I asked for salsa verde. Overall, the bean paste filler was odd, but in a good non-traditional way. The meat could have been less shredded but still pretty good. I would go back to try some of the other options. At nearly $3, the taco is a little spendy compared to taqueria options, but it is Southside

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      Do you remember any of the other meat options?

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        Maybe only chicken actually. They do offer fried or grilled fish and shrimp as well.