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Nov 17, 2009 09:47 AM

Grass Fed Beef in North Florida

The Fernandina Beach Farmer's Market now has grass forage beef from Deep Roots Meats in Madison, Florida. We have tried the hamburger and sirloin and they are very good. The meat is deeply red, very "beefy", richly marbled and has a minerally flavor. It reminds us of the beef we had in Italy and Spain. This is very different from corn fed beef. These folks do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. Their web site has some interesting photos. Check them out.

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    1. if you live in south or south west Florida you can find fresh farm raised beef from this company, there website is or email My older sister is the owner operator. I have eaten this tasty beef for years and I can't go back to the regular stuff.

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          Beware of Queen B Cattle Company! I made the mistake of purchasing beef from her, and it was nearly inedible--the worst beef my family and I have ever eaten! And once she gets your money, the owner turns a deaf ear to your complaints.

        2. do you know if they are at any other markets in the area? I.E. RAM?

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            No, I'm afraid Deep Roots is not at RAM. Here's the link to their current locations:

            You might try Cognito Farm. They are in Starke and sell pre-orders at the Neptune Beach Green Market. Here's the link:

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                You can also get grass fed from Cartwheelranch, they have been at Jarboe Park Market and 210 Market. You can buy large and small amounts from them.

          2. Thanks for the information. Also Calathora farms in Moultrie, Ga. has grass fed beef available in the fall. 229-890-1889.

            1. White Oak Pastures ( in GA has good quality grass-fed beef and great prices. They will ship anywhere in FL or GA very inexpensively.

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                Unfortunately White Oak Pastures has been forced to include a packaging charge, which makes ordering from them quite a bit more expensive than previously.