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Nov 17, 2009 09:38 AM

Anyone Try Bobby's Grille in Wellesley Yet?

It looks like they did a soft opening this past weekend. Has anyone tried it yet

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  1. I plan on visiting there Thursday.

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    1. re: RichardA

      I had friends that waited two hours for food and left because they were starving.

      1. re: skasi

        I've been down there twice now, once for dinner and once for lunch. I had an excellent experience both times and found their wait staff to be attentive and prompt. The problems you explain are likely due to their newness in their first few days, but I can assure you they seem to have worked themselves out. Lunch is quick and dinner makes for a great night out with friends or family. Living in the area for years, it's nice to see an upscale, non-corporate place owned by a family with long-standing Wellesley ties. I would recommend you try it again!

        Bobby's American Grille
        11 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02481

    2. I dined at Bobby's Grille last night with four of my friends.

      They have a fun bar with a menu of special cocktails. Their wine list is interesting, with about 35 wines by the bottles, and half available by the glass. Wines by the glass range from $7.25-$12, and bottles average in the $30s, making the list reasonably priced.

      We started with the 2008 Bodegas Montesierra Rosé ($7.50/glass, $30/bottle) from the Somontano region of Spain. This small region is not well known yet but they are producing some very good wines, and this Rosé is a fine example. It is very Old World in style, dry, restrained red fruit and some herbal notes. A very food friendly wine I would recommend. We would also ordered the 2005 Podere la Brancaia “Tre” Super Tuscan ($12/glass, $44/bottle). This was also a very good wine, some black cherry and plum flavors with moderate tannins, good complexity and a nice finish.

      The food menu has Starters ($8-$14), Soups ($7-$8), Salads ($7-$9), Sandwiches ($9-$14) and Entrees ($10-$29). I think the menu is reasonably priced, especially after considering the portion size of many of the dishes.

      I have been a fan of Executive Chef Stephen Bell from back when he owned Savory Tastes Cafe in Reading. I think he is doing a very good job at Bobby's too.

      I began my dinner Grilled Long Island Duck Breast with Smoked Gouda Risotto and Balsamic Reduction ($9). Tender, meaty slices of duck atop a creamy, smoky risotto with a concentrated, sweet reduction. It was a superb dish. My friends had the French Onion Gratinee ($7), Classic Caesar ($9) and Buffalo Chicken Sliders ($9). They enjoyed all of those dishes. The Sliders included three sandwiches, each filled with a good-sized piece of chicken, and accompanied by Cape Cod potato chips.

      I was the only one who ordered a second course, the White Cheddar and Fontina Mac & Cheese with Lobster ($15). This dish had a light breading atop it, likely panko, and the pasta seemed like it might be fusilli. It was quite delicious, with a strong white cheddar taste, and the pasta was a nice choice. The sweet lobster meat included two claws and some additional pieces. It is a dish I would order again.

      For my entree, I had the Filet Mignon Sliders ($10) with Sharp Cheddar and Spicy Ketchup. Like the Buffalo Chicken sliders, I received three sandwiches, on soft, fresh rolls with a good-sized piece of filet inside. The meat was very tender and the sliders were quite delicious. A couple of my friends chose the 12oz Filet ($29), which comes with a baked potato and a choice of Bernaise or Madeira sauce. The filets were quite thick, tender and tasty. Both very much enjoyed their steaks. A couple other friends had the BBQ Pork Tenderloin ($21), with a house dry rub, 81 BBQ sauce, sweet corn succotash, red bliss potato hash and cole slaw dollop. Though the pork was very flavorful, both felt the BBQ sauce was a bit overwhelming. They also raved about the hash.

      Service was generally very good. There were a couple minor service issues, but all easily attributable to the fact that the restaurant just opened. .

      Overall, I was very pleased with this restaurant. Good wines, nice menu, pleasant ambiance, delicious food. The restaurant was packed last night and the crowds have been growing all week. If you are going, you definitely should try to make reservations. I will definitely be returning soon.

      Bobby's American Grille
      11 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02481

      1. I ate here last night.

        The restaurant was less than half full when we arrived around 8:00, so the crowds have either died down, or we were on the late end of the dinner-rush. I had the skirt steak sandwich and my wife had a cubano and both were very tasty. The bread they used was very fresh and flavorful and really seemed to make the sandwich.

        The service was quite good (even though it was slow, the waiter seemed quite professional for a restaurant of this price point in Boston... it reminded me of the quality of service that I miss having lived in NYC for many years).

        I plan on going back and explore the rest of the menu.

        1. Went last night. There were 5 of us. WE wanted to try the lamb lollipops and it turned out that there were 5 in the order (for $12). They were fabulous, juicy, well-seasoned, generous size. What a bargain- almost what you would get in a rack of lamb entree.
          Ceasar salad was just ok-not toomuch flavor. DC liked the wedge. One DC had the filet mignon entree. Excellent piece of meat. The waitress said that the shepard's pie was the chef's specialty but DC who had it did not like it at all. I had the strip steak sandwich. I wanted the roast beef but you could not specify donenesss, but you could with the steak. After all that, the steak was overcooked-almost well when ordered medium rare. However, it was still juicy and flavorful so I kept it. Good meat but the french bread it came in was very large and much too much for the size of the steak. The onion rings ($1 extra) were greasy and had no discernible onion in them. Another DC had the filet migon sliders- three very generouse pieces of filet on soft buns. Excellent. Another had the turkey club which was ok. The entrees are very expensive but the option of having sliders and a variety of sandwiches in the $10-12 range makes it quite an attractive choice for dinner. Will go back and next time order the lamb lollipops just for me!

          Bobby's American Grille
          11 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02481

          1. Friday evening 6:30.It was too cold and too noisy.(even though it was less than half full.)Hard as a rock Bread and Butter,Good Cocktails($8.00),the most delicious Duck on Risotto appetizer ($9.00),It "was to die for".Overpriced Entrees served with no taste and few veggies(also with no taste).($24.00 and $28.00 Haddock and Lamb).Very ample,tasty Desserts (7.50).Try the Coffee Ice Cream Cake with Heath bar crunch on it.All in all Bobby's was a big disappointment .If we go back,it will only be for the Drinks,Appetizers and Desserts.

            Bobby's American Grille
            11 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02481