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Nov 17, 2009 09:17 AM

What happens?

What happens when you forget the egg in making banana breads or muffins?

If you are replacing oil with applesauce is it the same ratio?

Would anyone replace milk with buttermilk in a banana bread?

I've also seen some receipes calling for mayonnaise in the banana bread... what kind of change does that bring about ?

Novice baker

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  1. I would repost and use the subject line of, I need help with Banana bread. What happens does not describe your issue.

    1. Eggs influence the texture of the banana breads. If you leave out an egg, it's about 1/3 cup of liquid that you're omitting from the mixture. You can replace eggs with substitutes but you shouldn't leave them out. Other 'hounds will be able to tell you the food chemistry better than I can.

      Yes. But again, the texture will be affected. Quick bread isn't meant to be fat free! My method of reducing the fat is to replace half the oil with applesauce and substitute butter for the rest of the oil.

      Absolutely. Buttermilk is thicker than milk, though, so you might have to adjust the amount of liquid slightly.

      I have never seen a recipe for mayonnaise in banana bread (though I HAVE seen it included in other cake recipes), but when you consider that mayo is basically emulsified eggs and oil... what you'll probably end up with is a moister, more tender bread.

      I would also advise changing the subject line so folks know what you're talking about! :)

      Good luck!

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        Eggs I believe help with rising, too, so banana bread would not have as much volume? Be denser?

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          See, I was thinking that, but talked myself out of including it, because I couldn't figure out how to say it. Late night, early morning...


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            Eggs help with rising if you beat the egg whites. Otherwise, it won't help but the protein in the whites can give the bread more structure, egg yolks make it more tender. You can substitute egg white for egg yolk but the resulting bread will not be as moist (and tasty).

        2. I found a low fat banana bread recipe that calls for Buttermilk. First I used the dried mix. When it ran out I started substituting yogurt or sour cream. They both worked well . I would NEVER use mayo-ugh. If a recipe has a lot of oil I would try to replace it with apple sauce. This recipe uses very little oil so I don't bother:

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            I'm a fan of this recipe, but I think it's improved by using brown sugar instead of white (my choice for all banana breads, as I think the flavors are very complementary) and adding a teaspoon of cinnamon.

          2. Depending on your recipe, to substitute buttermilk, you may have to adjust your leavener. Buttermilk is more acidic than milk and so the use of, or proportion of, baking powder or baking soda would change.

            1. 1) If you forget the eggs, you'll have a dry, less tender loaf. You can make eggless banana bread but you can't just leave out the eggs in a recipe that calls for them. Eggs add a rich denseness to quick breads.

              2) Same ratio but I find much better results doing half applesauce and half oil.

              3) It would be fine to replace milk with buttermilk. The opposite might not be true, depending on the leavening, though.

              4) I've never done it but I would guess it would make the bread moist because it's egg and oil, mostly but it adds other flavors to the bread that might not be desirable. I do know people who add mayo to brownies mix and people rave about them.