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Nov 17, 2009 09:06 AM

No Coke, Pepsi! Costco

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  1. That's interesting. I'm a serious Costco shopper and Diet Coke addict, but I almost never buy my soda at Costco. I've often wondered why Coca-Cola products never seem to be a particularly good buy there. I routinely stock up on Diet Coke for quite a bit discount whenever there's a mega-sale (pretty much any holiday or major sports event, e.g., the Super Bowl) at my neighborhood Ralphs. Based on this article, I assume Ralphs takes a substantial hit on those loss-leader sales.

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    1. re: Arthur

      Typo correction: "... quite a biG discount ..."

      1. re: Arthur

        agreed, they have never offered a great deal on Coke. In fact, their per unit cost is generally in line with grocery store "regular" prices (ie, high). I can generally find 2 liters on loss leader at 1.00-1.25 at grocers around town.

        from one Diet Coke addict to another. :)

        1. re: Arthur

          I had a fountain Coke Zero on Friday here in Canada. I wonder if the fountain drinks will be affected and I wonder if we'll have the same issues up here.

          I don't buy my bottled Cokes at Costco anyway so it really doesn't matter.


        2. It's pretty simple, Costco needs to buy and sell smartly, if that can be achieved the product will not get on their floor space.

          1. Perhaps it's because:


            "PORTLAND, Ore. — Costco is no longer carrying Coca-Cola products in its stores nationwide because of a pricing dispute with the beverage maker . . ."

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              Huh? Am I missing something, JKLew? I don't see anything significant in that very brief article that isn't in the far more detailed one cited/linked by the OP above.

              1. re: Arthur

                Sorry, didn't see that...thought your reply was the first post!

            2. Big Costco fan and big Diet Coke fan.....guess I will keep going to Costco and get my DC's somewhere else.

              1. I'm just upset that the MexiCoke with sugar instead of corn syrup is gone. I hope they get this worked out, I like it well enough to pick some up when we're at Costco, but not enough to seek it out anywhere else.

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                1. re: Coconuts

                  So when is this supposed to happen?? I've been to a couple different Costco's in the US over the last month and they all carry Coke.


                  1. re: Davwud

                    Coke and Costco struck a deal a few weeks ago and Coke is back in stock.

                    1. re: chococat

                      Yah, think Costco won this battle, as one of Coke's largest customers. Leverage!