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Nov 17, 2009 08:51 AM

Pellana Restaurant Peabody...

I have an event at the Pellana Restaurant in Peabody later this month and would love some recommendations as to what is good. It looks like a typical steak house with expensive sides and overpriced steaks... please tell me I am wrong! LOL

9 Sylvan St, Peabody, MA 01960

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  1. Are you having a function there? Are you ordering off the menu or doing something special? I think the food is good - as to overpriced, well considering the fast food places around there and the chains, this is better food and priced accordingly. I haven't been there in about 8 months or so....

    1. I believe we will be able to order off the menu for entree's and the apps and salads may be being ordered for us... it's a small party and that is how it has been done at past events. What is good or worth ordering? My husband loves swordfish, is it ok or should be stick with the steak at the steak house?

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      1. re: MeffaBabe

        I'm sure the swordfish is fine. This is the place by the old Abe & Louie's chef, isn't it? The menu looks identical.

        1. re: almansa

          I haven't been to Pellana, but my theory, as a dyed in the wool pescatarian, is that steak houses do GREAT grilled fish...

      2. My wife and I went to Pellana this past Saturday with two other couples. I'd rank it up there with the Gavens, Mortons line of steak houses. We truly enjoyed it, especially being so close to home. We all got some sort of steak and there were no complaints. I had the bone in ribeye and was definitely happy with it.

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        1. re: Bernie Lowmax

          We gave up Gaven's long before it closed for Pellana.

          We always have enjoyed the food, service, etc and do not consider it overpriced when you get a great meal and you don't have to drive to Boston.

          My only complaint, was my last visit in September, I had their lobster casserole. If you like lobster dripping in butter then that's the dish for you. My husband enjoyed it although I ordered it and will never do so again. I should have sent it back. We are considered regulars, but I just wasn't in the mood to deal that evening.

          As far as steaks they have always been perfection. Desserts, that's another story. It is my understanding they don't have a pastry chef and its the same old, same old with desserts. I am not a big dessert person, but I think they should do them a little better and change them more often. Once in a while I would like to enjoy dessert there, but it never happens for me.

          All in all I believe its a great dining experience.

          1. re: marilu

            I would agree with marilu. We are regulars as well. They have a very nice private dining room for small parties, but any space there is good. We tend to sit at the bar.

            The steaks are like the major players in Boston--Grille 23, Capitol Grill, etc. And yes, for us while they are Boston prices, it's worth it not to have to drive into the city, pay for parking and then have the hour-long ride home.

            Wine list is great but pricey.

            My beef mirror's marilu's but pertaining to the sides. They never change, in spite of our suggestions/pleas/requests to the owner. He is not attuned to the locavore/seasonal thing at all when it comes to his sides. Once in January I asked about having a squash dish on the menu, and he replied that they have zucchini. There's always osso bucco on the menu in the summer. I would go far more often if the sides were more interesting.

            The swordfish is always great. I used to get it butterflied, but was convinced by Nick the bar manager to keep it whole and it always comes out perfectly cooked.

            We hardly get desserts there. The ice cream flavors change on occasion.

            Let us know what you think, OP.

            1. re: BillieJean

              that's funny.

              the reasons you cite are the reasons i don't go to Pellana too often. if i'm paying Boston prices i want to walk out of the restaurant and be In Boston in the middle of a Great Area, not in the parking lot of a former HoJos. and even living in Haverhill it's only a 35 minute drive into Town.

              but i do like Pellana a lot.

              1. re: ScubaSteve

                Is there a steak dish you particularly like? A favorite side? I haven't been but plan to go at some point.


                1. re: Northshoregirl

                  just the regular steakhouse stuff....

                  oysters with martinis, ribeye medium rare, hash browns (well done please), asparagus and/or mushrooms, creamed spinach.

                  it's All Good.

        2. I have to say that our dinner was one of the best dinners we have had out in a very long time... the appetizers, rice balls, shrimp cocktail, tomato salad were wonderful. The sides of lobster mac & cheese and creamed spinach were good (although I would have preferred the usual asparagus sides!!!)... but I have to say, most had the filets and they were raved about all night and my lamb chops were the best I have ever in my life tasted. They were plump and juicy and cooked to perfection!

          I was sold on this place and will most likely go back... my only concern is since we never saw an actual menu, I can only imagine how expensive it would be to dine there!

          The atmosphere was perfect for our party of 14. The restaurant itself was not yet open for our 1:00 arrival and we were seated in the small back room which was perfect for the number of people we had. It was intimate and I have to say the attention we got from the staff was what ever person who dines out dreams of- perfection right down to your napkin being refolded each and every time you left your seat! Heavenly!