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Nov 17, 2009 08:51 AM

Pairing with Both Pumpkin & Apple Pies?

I'm looking for a single wine to pair with desert which will be both pumpkin & apple pies. Suggestions for still or sparkling are welcome. TIA

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    1. Quarts de Chaume

      Assuming it is within your budget, this is a no-brainer.

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      1. re: whiner

        You can get in at just around $60 for the 2005 Baumard Quarts de Chaume. Worth it.

        1. re: whiner

          My local proprietor has it for $39.95!

          1. re: JAB

            It's a great wine and an inspired choice. Go for it.

          2. re: whiner

            Definitely worth it and a steal at 40 bucks!

            1. re: whiner

              The '06 Baumard Quarts de Chaume that's going for $39.95 is just the small, 375 milliliter size, it appears.

              MSRP for the '06 in the 375 milliliter is $45.99, so just under forty bucks is a steal. MSRP for the 500 milliliter size is $84.99.

              It's probably been 20+ years since I've had a Quarts de Chaume.

              My (Connecticut) wholesale directory also lists a "Chateau de Suronde" Quarts de Chaume at somewhat lower prices than the Baumard. Neither Suronde nor the distributor listed an MSRP, but wholesale prices are in the $30-$50 range, depending upon the year.

          3. well, I'm an armagnac kind of guy...

            1. I'd like to also suggest a dessert sherry. The dark brown spices and flavors like mollassas, fig, raisin, etc would certainly work well with pumpkin and apple. Pedro Ximénez
              is a good example.


              1. TOTALLY agree with the Quarts de Chaume rec; that's heaven in a glass. Preferably one with some age.

                For something more affordable, I'd go with a moscato d'asti.