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Nov 17, 2009 08:48 AM

one month in battersea [London]

my husband and i will be spending january in an apartment in battersea. we would love to get info on good, reliable restaurants of all types of food, good food shopping, good cultural venues-theatre, cinema, etc. and anything else one might think pertinent to a couple from far off new england

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  1. You might like to give the author of this blog a knock. He's a Battersea resident.

    1. It really depends whereabouts in Battersea you're staying but in the Clapham Junction area there's Osteria di Antica Bologna, which is a decent Italian place on Northcote Road. Also on Northcote Rd is Hamish Johnston which is a very good cheese shop, and Dove Butchers - apparently their meat pies are to die for.

      1. gazette is a nice french brasserie but a bit of a schlep to get to:

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          Restaurant-wise, the best two are Tom Ilic on the unprepossessing Queenstown Road and Chez Bruce a bit further south, overlooking Wandsworth Common. Lola Rojo is a good tapas place on Northcote Road. I haven't been to Butcher and Grill on Parkgate Road but friends tell me it's a good restaurant with attached food shop. Northcote Road has, as well as Doves, another good (in my opinion better) butcher in Hennesseys: middle white and Gloucester Old Spot pork, salt marsh lamb etc. There's a good fish stall, a specialist honey shop complete with wall of bees and two Italian delis. For Indian subcontinental food you're not far from Tooting which has a wide variety of both shops and restaurants. Otherwise there's not much in the non-European line - though come to think of it there is an Argentinian restaurant in Queenstown Road.

          The moderators probably won't let us write about theatres etc. If you want info, drop me a line at my first and last name (no dot)

        2. You may wat to try Le Pot Lyonnais on Queenstown Road up towards Lavender Hill. A great spot for bfast.
          The eggs benedict are some of the best I've had. Comes complete with grumpy French waiter just to add to the authenticity!