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Nov 17, 2009 07:53 AM

New Year's Eve in Rome

I will be in Rome over New Year's Eve this year, and am looking for a recommendation for a nice dinner, not too expensive, in the center. My husband and I are in our late twenties and are looking for a place where we can linger over a good meal with some good wine before wandering the streets.

I have searched the Boards and have seen entries with suggestions from prior years, but was hoping for an update.


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  1. Many restaurants that are open on New Year's Eve offer only a "Cenone di San Silvestro", a multi-course, fixed-price menu that is more expensive than eating a la carte. There's a (shortish) list of restaurants open New Year's Eve here:
    I don't know whether the restaurants that have not posted a menu offer a cenone or an a la carte meal.

    1. I suggest you look for stuff online about Capodanno (Capo d'Anno)2010 Roma to see what is going on. Some restaurants will have special multicourse dinners, others will be open as normal and many will be closed. If you are just looking for a good meal, not a major event a strategy might be to contact the restaurants you are otherwise interested in and see if they are open and whether they are serving a special meal. The types of places we normally talk about on Chowhound are not always the ones that will have the big swishy holiday functions but some of them will surely be open and serving special dinners..

      1. We were here last year- We ate in one of the great restaurants in the Jewish Ghetto, which was phenominoal, and then took an easy walk to the street where the Colossium is. One of the more amazing nights of our life!! You'll never forget the crowds, the energy, and the partying in the street!!