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Nov 17, 2009 07:50 AM

Thanksgiving in the hospital. Need turkey dinner take-out recs.

I am being induced at NYU Langone Medical Center next week and am looking for take-out recommendations open on Thanksgiving. Here are my preferences:

*Traditional turkey dinner w/sides
*Within walking distance of hospital (1st Ave at E 32nd St)
*$100-$150 for 2 people

Right now I'm looking at the turkey platter at Sarges or 2nd Ave deli. Any opinions? Really just want to stay away from hospital food!

Thanks for your help.

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      1. re: Jane A.

        Thanks, I just called them. They are doing it, but orders have to be picked up on Wed.

    1. Second Avenue Deli's gonna be expensive.

      I'd trust Sarge's. It's nearby and they're very dependable.

      God bless you and yours!

      1. Corbet and Conley
        23rd btwn 2nd and 1st

        1. It just occurred to me. There was another post recently discussing the quality of hospital food and how it's changed.

          Perhaps the dietary department of the hospital is doing something special for patients and relatives that day, something that won't smack of "hospital food." It's an easy call if the hospital's website displays what their plans will be. If you need to contact the dietary dept. by phone -- that's gonna be a difficult call, trying to ask "say, are you offering anything *other* than "hospital food" for Thanksgiving guests?" but it might be the call that saves you un-necessary time and expense.

          I just now did a search and found the hospital's webpage for its cafeteria and cafes, but didn't find anything as specific as you'd like:

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          1. re: shaogo

            I read that thread and was optimistic about hospital food until I actually had to spend the evening there a couple of weeks ago. The food was bad, really bad. I couldn't believe how inedible rice could be.

          2. What is it with NYC hospitals. I'd heard that the food at St. Lukes/Roosevelt was horrifying. I expected more of NYU. I guess not.

            I hope more chime in with their suggestions for take-out for you.

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            1. re: shaogo

              NYU has decent food. It is not the Four Seasons but is better than expected.
              I should know, I've eaten it for days on end.