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Nov 17, 2009 07:39 AM

7 Portes in Barcelona

Going to Barcelona in Jan. I've checked out this place's website and read some reviews. Does anyone have any suggestions? It looks fancy but is the food good? The pictures of their paella look fantastic. Is it worth the money or can I skip it?

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  1. Asking the question if a restaurant "is it worth the money" really depends on the individual and one's expectation. As for 7 Portes: it is large, lively and bustling with a mixture of locals and visitors; it is old and historical with nice tablecloth atmosphere and service; it has a large menu that specializes in paella and Catalan rice dishes as well as some seafood. Although one will find paella all over Barcelona, it is not a dish that the city does particularly well, but 7 Portes does an acceptable version. If the above fits what you are looking for and budget allows, yes. If you are looking for exceptional food in a small personal restaurant, probably not. For me, eating in Barcelona are: modern Catalan cooking in small chef- run restaurants; tapas and pinxtos and a few (more difficult to find) good traditional restaurants. Paella is one dish I don't look for.

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      Can you tell me if there are any "must haves" as far as food goes on the drive from Valencia to Barcelona along the coast?

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        Sorry that I am not very familiar with the drive from Valencia to Barcelona. I've only visited Valencia a couple times by train.

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          Cambrils, on the coast South of Tarragona, has a nest of very good restaurants (of which 2 with a Michelin rosette).

      2. 7 Portes also makes a good arroz nero.
        Yes it is more suited for a largish party than a romantic tête à tête.
        I am very sentimental about it because there are not many of these old places left that are good.

        1. I have eaten lunch, never dinner, at 7 Portes, maybe six or seven times over the years. Every meal I had there, I remember as tasty, and their service was always superb.

          I love 7 Portes, and my Barcelona friends tease me because of my adoration.