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Nov 17, 2009 06:55 AM

London restaurants with a view?

This is a bit of an odd request. I’m looking for recommendations for a restaurant with a view but not high end dining, e.g. not Rhodes 24. On our last day in London, I’d like to take our teenage daughter who is a picky eater to somewhere she’d enjoy.

We’re going to stress our daughter’s dining preferences because we plan to go to St. John’s Bread and Wine where she’ll probably only eat cheese and to New Tayyab or a similar spot where she’ll struggle to find something not spicy. We also have reservations at Maze, where she will likely complain about the unusual combinations or unfamiliar ingredients. I think she’d like a view.

Our last day is a Monday so the restaurants at the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern aren’t open for dinner. Skylon looks more formal than she’d enjoy. Does the Skylon Grill have views? I was also wondering about the Oxo Tower, but I haven’t seen many positive reviews about the food and the website does not have menus. We have enjoyed the Forth Floor restaurant in Edinburgh, also managed by Harvey Nicks. Are the restaurants similar? Is the Brasserie likely to be a better choice than the Restaurant? Is there somewhere else I might consider?

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  1. Galvin at Windows on Park Lane has amazing views and I don't think their food is excessively "fancy". Might be worth phoning ahead and asking if they could accommodate your daughter's preferences. You mention what she won't like but what would she actually enjoy - might help us think of more places.

    1. the swan at the globe brasserie, which is part of the globe theatre on the south bank is nice and has lovely views across the river, if you get there in time to be given a window seat (they are allocated on a first-come basis).

      blueprint cafe is also on the river but i've not eaten there.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. My daughter enjoyed Forth Floor and the Tower restaurants in Edinburgh. She tends to like food that is done fairly plainly, like roast chicken. She reminds me of Meg Ryan's character in When Harry Met Sally as she likes to control how much sauce, dressing, etc. goes onto her food by having it on the side.

        1. re: Watson

          Does your daughter like fish? The Blueprint Cafe near Tower Bridge has a fantastic view of the river.

      2. By the by, I reckon St John would probably cook up something specifically for your daughter if you asked nicely. Well, also dependent if they had the ingredients to. Otherwise they do have excellent bread to accompany cheese. Oh and GREAT desserts anyone would love.

        I second the motion for Swan at the globe. Also was thinking Inn the Park in St James' Park. But actually their menu is surprisingly adventurous. Think they might do a good old fashioned steak and chips though.

        1. This might not be special enough for your last night, but the Pizza Express next to The Globe also has an amazing view over the river. And very nice pizzas.