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Nov 17, 2009 06:21 AM

Anyone been to Goa recently? Need some restaurant recommendations for 2010!

We're returning to Goa, India, come April-May, 2010, and I need to find some up to date restaurant recommendations... It's been about four years since I first visited this region of India! Anything I shouldn't miss?


Richard Maloney

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  1. Have you been to some of the restaurants near Calangute beach, within a 5 minute walk of Tito's? There are quite a few good seafood places around there, I'll try to figure out the names of them. There are a few in that area that I particularly enjoyed. It seems a you were there around when I went last, in Dec 2005.

    P.S. don't forget to visit "Nine Bar" on Vagator Beach.

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      Thanks so much, foodyDudey,

      I appreciate your tips.



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        Dear 'foodyDudey',

        Thanks for taking the time to reply so nicely to our post.

        We have been to Goa before, but, not to Calangute Beach, so, if we visit that region we'll definitely look into the seafood restaurants. Also, thanks for the lead for 'Nine Bar' on Vagator Beach.



      2. xavier's in anjuna
        ramesh in anjuna

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          Cheers Thew,

          I appreciate your help.



        2. My top 3 restaraunts in Goa are:

          1. The German Bakery (Tuna sandwiches and strawberry yoghurts are to die for, the prawn curry is great too and so is the Tiramisu)
          2. Curlies (try the spicy calamari -not just the batter fried, black with spices but oh so good)
          3. i95 Great Fine Dining in Calangute

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            Hi Gargelicious,

            Thanks for sending your leads.



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              Fiesta has some really good food. Fiesta is in the same lane as Tito's if Im not mistaken.
              Brittos is good too and is a little further down. O'Coquiero is a little far off and has good food and is where Charles Shobraj was caught by the police.

              Here is a really good link with some solid suggestions


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                Dear 'adhish',

                Thanks very much for your leads mentioned above. We truly appreciate your help.



          2. Viva Panjin is very good if you are going to Panaji... Nice atmosphere, great food, our fave in that area.

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              Dear 'theasd',

              Many thanks for your lead for 'Viva Panjin', and we'll check into this.

              Cheers, and thanks again for your help.



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                Ordo Sounsar in north have to cross a bamboo bridge to get there...the ambience is spectacular and the food is great. the owner is from the area and features goan dishes on the menu without all the extra chinese/israeli/pasta that end up getting mixed into other menus in goa.

                Dropadi on Palolem does have one of those multi cuisine menus but regardless, they do goan seafood masala very well. check in in the mornings to reserve a lobster or crab

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                  oh and Janet & John's in Anjuna does a seafood buffet on thursdays

              2. When in Goa, please check out the food at The Goan Heritage at Calangute. Not only is the food good, it is also very reasonable. And add to that the amazing will probably be attended to personally by the F & B Manager Santan are in for a real treat.