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Nov 17, 2009 04:51 AM

Searching for food boards or blogs in Columbia, Missouri

I know about Co Mo Whine and Dine. Are there other boards or blogs about restaurants and food related topics around Columbia that I'm missing?

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  1. Show Me Eats. The author also writes a weekly food column for the Columbia Daily Tribune:

    There's also Slow Food Katy Trail:

    Show Me's
    1013 E Main St, Carbondale, IL 62901

    1. definitely Show Me Eats! Scott Rowson is a true foodie and also writes a bi-weekly column for the Columbia Tribune.

      A couple of housemates that just recently graduated from MU have a wonderful blog
      they are both not living in Columbia right now, but their archives from the past year are chock full of fabulous writing and pictures

      A new one on the scene is Midmorestaurants. It's just a couple of months old, but he seems to be an excellent contributor to our restaurant scene.


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        Thanks both of you-I'm looking forward to some good food reading.

      2. oops, sorry about the showmeeats double posting! I should check my reading skills again

        1. As for food-related topics, Eric Reuter writes about his farm, produce he sells at the farmers market, agricultural policy and his family meals at

          1. We're new to the CoMo food blogging scene, but we're blogging about urban homesteading at . We're growing our own food on our tiny city lot, and cooking up some awesome awesome foods.