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Nov 16, 2009 09:26 PM

I've got too many jams and preserves, what to do with them?

Help!! I've got all these different flavors, and need some ideas to use them up:

Peach-Pear Jam
Apricot-Kiwi Preserves
Apricot Preserves
Peach Preserves
Plum Jam
Boysenberry Preserves
Orange Marmalade
Strawberry Preserves (the only one I use regularly)
Pumpkin Pie Butter
Pumpkin Butter
Fig Spread (I bought to make crostini w/goat cheese & prosciutto, looking for other ideas)
Ollieberry Preserves (3 very small jars)
Concord Grape Jelly (ditto)

Other than spreading them on toast, what to make? Sweet or savory, I need some inspiration. Thanks in advance for your creativity!

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  1. Put a spoonful of any jam or preserves on a cookie before you bake it.
    Some flavors can be used instead of sugar in a cup of hot tea.

      1. I replace some of the sugar with jam when I make muffin batter. You can also fill half the muffin tin, then drop a spoonful of jam in and cover with more batter. I sometimes swirl it in when I make homemade ice cream too. I usually buy plain, unflavored yogurt and mix a spoonful of jelly in. Also works in a smoothie to add some fruity sweetness. Recently tried thin layer of mango jelly in a hot spicy black bean and jalepeno burrito - it rocked. I wish I had your stockpile of delicious flavors!

        1. the ideas you've gotten are all quite standard and i like them but perhaps finding a recipe for stuffed french toast (with cream cheese) will give you another way to use your jams and preserves =D crepes would taste good filled with, say, boysenberry preserves and toasted sliced almonds....

          what i enjoy are--some of you will try to get all up on me for this but it's truly wonderful to explore this territory--homemade versions of tiramisu! i've made several rockin' versions. i use mascarpone and whipped cream (i actually use maple syrup or honey to sweeten the stuff and often add cocoa powder, sometimes a tiny glug of almond extract) as well as cubed or crumbled madeleines instead of ladyfingers (lemon or orange madeleines make for a wonderful base)...and i've used raspberry and blackberry preserves and even blood orange marmalade. use, say, peach preserves and fresh raspberries and you've got a great dessert! keep in mind that fresh raspberries spoil quickly, however....

          add: funny! i just found this--and look at #3!

          1. I'm rather partial to apple butter and peanut butter sandwiches--maybe you could sub your pumpking butter for that. Also, pumpkin butter stirred into yogurt or cottage cheese is good (the PA Dutch way of eating apple butter is on top of cottage cheese--I've done the same with the pumpkin butter).