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Nov 16, 2009 09:22 PM

Honeymoon in Rome and Venice...Where should we eat ?

My wife and I are finally going on our honeymoon in April and would like some recommendations on dining locations. I was totally unprepared my first trip to Italy and I don't want to make the same mistake again. We both love traditional Italian food and are looking for some affordable restaurants to dine at. Also, a couple of romantic/fancy recommendations would be appreciated since it is our honeymoon.


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  1. You're probably not getting any answers because these questions have already been answered repeatedly. You'd best do a search of the board and compile a preliminary list of places that sound interesting. You can then ask for updates and elucidations.

    1. When you say "honeymoon" sometimes people think you are looking for "once in a lifetime" type places, or very fancy places similar to when you ask for ideas for a 20th Anniversary or something. Also ... Thanksgiving Day is next Thurs., and many US posters are busy making holiday travel and cooking arrangements. If you are truly looking for affordable restaurants to have traditional Italian food, my favorite places in Rome are spots that are small, in some cases out of the way spots, some more inexpensive than others, but we like Enoteca Corsi (lunch only) on Via dei Gesu, La Piazzetta, near the Colloseum, Cacio e Pepe, near the Vatican, wine bar Cul de Sac (near Piazza Navona), wine bar Casa Blev (great lunch buffet & super wine selection), Trattoria Monti (near St. Mary Major) and my next visit to Rome, I am going to Antico Arco (on the Gianicolo Hill) and Ditirambo, based on reviews on this board. Some romantic spots are the spots for drinks in the nice hotels -- De Russie and Hasler (spelling??), but I'm sure the restaurants at these places are good, but we did not stay for dinner. Search these names and you will see comments on the menu, neighborhoods, etc. Good luck and congrats on the honeymoon!

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        Hassler, since you ask. And even though you didn’t: Colosseum :-)

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          Thank you, ma'am ... good to know, since I intend to return to both destinations!! But since I have you, Ms. Fant, what is the MOST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT that you know of in Rome ??? Small or large, simple or fancy ... what spot do you consider the most romantic?? (Frankly, for me, it can be small, simple, with a special setting and special food, but I am curious about your thoughts in this regard!!)

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            Oh, gosh. I'm married to the least romantic guy I've ever met -- except for having had the good sense to buy an apt with a terrace that looks at the Colosseum, and that is the most romantic place we ever dine. Of course I do the cooking, which detracts somewhat, as you can imagine. Otherwise, romantic just isn't on my radar. And we always laugh at the places that are full of young fidanzati planning to stick their parents for expensive weddings. I used to think outside at Vecchia Roma, on Piazza Campitelli, was the most romantic place on earth, however, but the tables are too close together and the food isn't that great. I think Il Convivio is pretty romantic. The ideal situation is a trattoria with a benevolent owner with a strong presence where one of the parties is known and the benevolent owner will make everything run smoothly and keep pouring the wine. That can occur anywhere on the scale, not just trattoria, but is difficult to achieve on a one-shot basis. And yet the most romantic place can become a hostile environment if you can't get the waiter's attention or you can't understand the menu or things just generally don't run smoothly. The most romantic place, you might say, is where the party who is trying to impress the other party is able to make bella figura. The candlelight is irrelevant.

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              I absolutely agree with that last part. The most romantic restaurant will make you feel totally comfortable in a civilized way and on top of the world. There are so many elegant restaurants where a stranger may feel a bit out of it that it is very difficult to recommend.

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                I agree as well ... just wondering. We are at home a lot ... which is why I need to get the whole gang out of the country to really feel like we are "away" or celebrating. Il Convivio is pretty romantic ... as would be many of my favorite small trattoria ... except for my crazy American notion that a place had to be a bit on the quiet side to be romantic ... in fact, most of my fave spots in Rome, (all over Italy) are pretty loud, funloving and tables talking to others across the room and being friendly w/ other patrons, etc. I am beginning to translate that setting into romantic when the food is right and the walk to and from is not too scary, etc. but it will take a few more trips to Italy to completely change my thinking ... great input you all !! Grazie.

        2. Affordable and very, very authentic in Venice - try Ostaria Simsom, it's slightly hidden away Castell0 6316 just off the square at the Zani Polo. it's lovely honestly, beautifully prepared Venetian food, run by a lovely guy called Ivan. There are lots of other wonderful restos but this one is small, friendly, terrific food and fun.

          1. further to my reply about Simson, here's the web site for Simson and al Ponte - al Ponte is always out 1st stop as soon we arrive