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Nov 16, 2009 08:08 PM

Holiday Pies

OK, here's the latest quest, hopefully not as subjective as everyone's favorite "pizza pie." I'm looking for recommendations as to good traditional holiday pies i.e., Cherry, Apple, Apple Crumb, and Pumpkin pies.

Have done the Delicious Orchards and Wemrock Orchards pies and have been disappointed of late. Thinking about maybe Sickles, Wegmans, others. Opinions?

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  1. Dearborn Farms on rt 35 in Holmdel has excellent pies. If you order them and pay for them now, you can pick them up on the 25th and have a minimal wait.

    In New Egypt, Emery's pies are excellent. If I were closer, I'd be getting them there.

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      Thanks for the suggestion on Emery's. I have no idea where that it, but it must be pretty close to the base if it's in New Egypt. I'll have to take a run over there one day at lunch! Looks they have have some good breakfast items as well! Thanks again! -mJ

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        Take 539 a couple miles south of 522, or 5 miles north of 70. It's about a 1/4 mile west on Longswamp.Rd.

      1. A&M Farm and Garden Center on Route 130 North

        We’ve been buying pies from A&M for years now and have never been disappointed. Be advised they’re very crowded on the day before Thanksgiving and Xmas eve. However, you can order ahead of time on the phone. See .

        1. By far the best pies you can imagine are at The Scone Pony on Washington St. in Spring Lake. They simply blow away Delicious Orchards and the other locations mentioned in this thread. However, they are by far the most expensive as well. $20 or so for a pie means you will pay double what the others charge. But, IMO they are in a league of their own...

          Our favorite is their pecan which is simply outstanding, then apple. Best bet is to call ahead as this is a small shop with limited stock and order on the phone then pick it up.

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            Emery's is my pick. We have been going there for years. Great pies reasonable prices.

          2. my 1st and only choice is Mr. Tods in Somerset. Here you'll find great pies - much better than the pedestrian quality at DO, Sickles & Wegmans. So if you're anywhere around here try them. They have small one serving pies that will give you an idea of how good Mr. Tods is.

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              I just went today to order my pies from What's for Dessert on Route 71 in Wall. They are the best around - I travel 30 minutes to go there!

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                Mr. Tod' that the place that was on that shark show on ABC...I think Barbara Corcoron sponsored him.. I just want to advise everyone to stay far far away from Wemrock, Declicious Orchards, etc...and to think people line up for these pies which are mediocre at best.